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Chiwenga to reveal secret for the Zanu-PF conference in his province

05 Dec 2019 at 12:03hrs | Views
Mashonaland East province which is the province which house the Vice President of Zimbabwe retired Army General Chiwenga sets to witness fireworks as the ZANU PF conference begins. It's great to be here in Goromonzi at the best conference for years, ZANU PF welcomes you to the Mashonaland East Province, to be specific Goromonzi the land of the great, where the big brains of the nation reside in silence not well noticed but in motion. We welcome all the comrades from everywhere welcome to the Province of Sekuru Chaminuka the province of Mbuya Nehanda and we know that some of you may have been mildly peppered with abuse on the way in but are you abashed? Are you downcast? Of course not. We are ZANU PF and we get on with serving the people. The Mashonaland East province is honoured to be hosting the progressive revolutionary party this year. This is the Second historical conference where His Excellency the President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa chairs since his ascendancy to power in 2017.

The nation went through the most gruelling austerity measures which made most of us a laughing stock with the suffering masses. But there is no prosperity without sweat. The fruits of prosperity are watered with the blood of austerity, we have pulled through but it was hard and heavy. But we know the whole of conference remains full of gratitude to His Excellency and to Mai Auxillia for their wisdom and their forbearance, and yes, we will work together and see our country back to unlimited unconditional and unstoppable prosperity. This conference is the conference of hope trust and patience. We will be building on your legacy and make it the legacy never to forget.

We will remember your predecessor cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe who passed on unfortunately he died under the evil spell of the domestic violence which we saw even in his death where he was denied a hero's funeral by his wife. His Excellency has been the president for only two years but he has done so many things that give cause for hope. Our hospitals are finally getting the investment but they are let down by the staff who are controlled by a third force which we can see and causing havoc in our health system. the other staff in the essential services people who are sworn to save lives are being controlled to the extent of neglecting their duties and holding on to their unrealistic demands of higher rewards completely negating their oath of providing the medical care of our people, they are not the only ones in the essential services affected by the current economic situation, yet they want their demands to over shadow all other professions and all and sundry. Efforts are currently geared towards normalcy in the health sector not only for the doctors but for all involved in that sector and all civil servants. Police colleges where idealistic young men and women are enrolling in large numbers to fight crime across the country, there have been a great transformation in our police force where corruption is fast departing. The police force is now serving people not tormenting people as was the norm. The president in these two years has made political partnership with business community and other political entities around the world the most successful political partnership in history which we will protect and we will defend against those who would wantonly destroy it.

After the new dispensation took over a lot of problems were planted in the path of the government, but the government managed to navigate through and made very significant investments and we are proud of the role this government is playing in every one of those investments and they are only possible because It was His Excellency's government that tackled the debt and the deficit left by the last government, now we can proudly say ZANU PF has paid our debts and austerity measures have paid.

Mashonaland East hosts the conference when the nation now has the hope of real life, the youth now own mine claims, corruption is being tackled and the light is now flickering at the end of the tunnel. Zimbabwe has stood up and entered the trenches in a fierce fight against sanctions. The SADC region has joined us for the first time to fight the sanctions; the United Nations has heard our cries and sanctions are besieged. Mashonaland East province takes pride in that this conference we host today reviews these progresses we have made in making our nation better again. It is the conference where we see the open door policy yielding fruits. Our people are desperate for us to focus on their priorities yet some unprogressively minds still hinge on the past and failing to focus with the nation. Zimbabwe has officially come out of the austerity measures so we can we must and we will even though things have not been made easier8we will work for a better future of our youth, our children and our people.

We as ZANU PF must outsmart outshine the puppets MDC and the G40 incarnate Kasukuwere who want to get on with their programme for total national discord turning the whole revolution which is great for this country – into chaos. Zimbabwe is in the shadows of bitter love, its bitter but its love, we are people who are prepared to suffer now so that we can correct the wrongs accrued through the ages. It's painful to remove the culture of eating without saving, we need to fight to remove the negative mind set in the people, and we need to change that mind-set at a national level. We need to promote progressive mind-set which is prepared to harvest fruits not on the spot but in the near future; this is because the entire mind set has to change. People have to learn to use this environment of peace and tranquillity people must learn to think outside the box how to make things work without corruption in a manner which is appealing to the society.

As for those in opposition their idea of serving the national interest was to write to EU and the USA urging them not to remove sanctions. It's time to respect the lives of the people and call for the sanctions to go. We should be worried that after two years and half years people are beginning to feel that they are being taken for fools. They are beginning to suspect that there are forces in this country that simply don't want success delivered at all. If they are right in their suspicions they will lose trust in us, on that point we need to root out those who cannot tore the line and those who are only Armchair leaders. We need leaders who lead from the front. As a country we need to take back control of our money and our economy and our laws.

The health delivery is holy to the people of this country because it is life that it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from but when you are sick the whole country figuratively gathers at your bedside and does everything it can to make you well again, and everybody pays to ensure that you have the best doctors and the best nurses and the most effective treatments known to medical science. The government is committed to solving the deadlock with the health workers. as we begin this ZANU PF conference in the Great Mashonaland Region, the land of the great Chief Chikwaka Matemai and other respected chiefs we urge the delegates to visit our Mutoko caves, Murehwa caves, visit Chief Mangwende to show you areas which are holy and dear to our country and province.

ZANU PF will show one and all that it is united and there is no fight between our leaders and that we are a united front.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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