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Even pastors consult sangomas?

05 Oct 2019 at 06:02hrs | Views
WHAT is this that we hear about a popular ‘Man of God' who was recently given a VIP treatment at a traditional healer's surgery in a neighbouring country?

I mean that other well known pastor who ministers the word of God in that other church which is currently seized with bitter legal battles between reformists and non-reformists.

Without taking anything away from this top notch pretender, he is a fine preacher and those who listen to his sermons in the city's oldest high-density suburb, can attest to that.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that the pastor tried by all means to disguise his identity by wearing some big sunglasses and a kangol cap as he visited his ‘spiritual father' at a homestead in the neighbouring country.

Whatever happened to his leg as he grew up, those who know him by his step easily identified him and took no time to notify Blabber.

Blabber will not delve much into his shenanigans doing the rounds for now as different pieces of information continue filtering in.

Watch my space!

Boss feasting on

married subordinate

Like I have always noted, Blabber is motivated by nothing more than preserving the little that remains of our moral fabric.

The story of a woman sleeping with her boss seldom has a happy ending thus Blabber wonders why are some women and even the big shots themselves, still willing to do it.

Every day, in organisations both large and small, there are bosses having sex with women who work for them.

It is not hard to find doctors who are diddling nurses, barristers bonking law clerks, professors enjoying extracurricular activities with research assistants, politicians of both stripes feasting on staffers.

Only God knows how many producers and directors are canoodling with assistants on their casting couches.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that there is this other middle manager of a company that produces pine sawn timber who is enjoying quality time with a married subordinate.

Blabber is shell shocked with the level of disrespect that this manager has for his wife given that the married woman he is dating is also working for the same firm and so is his wife.

Considering the risk involved in his extra marital affair, it would appear that our dear manager has forgotten all about health and safety and yet that is his vocation.

Even though this real life drama is unfolding in that other district very near our beloved city and named after its traditional leader, Blabber is keeping ears on the ground and gentle reader you will be the first with the story when everything will be laid bare.

After all, it is not long before that happens, mark my words!

Skeletons tumble from the closet!

Back in that town of perennial river flow and immorality, Blabber now has the finer details about one of the two married jezebels that have been dolling the forbidden fruit in a manner that would leave Father Christmas green with envy.

The details are as juicy as they are shocking.

Word reaching Blabber is that her hubby, a slim pencil hired chauffeur, who recently bragged having surrendered the woman back to her roots after her photos kissing and cuddling that eye-twisted dealer went viral, is on his knees, begging her to forgive him for overreacting and return to their matrimonial home.

The reason, dear reader, has nothing to do with the bozzo's undying love for her, but rather his intrinsic fear of being publicly humiliated by her if she remains unleashed.

Word doing rounds is that the woman, who felt she had nothing to lose after being send packing, was threatening to drop a bomb behind her adulterous shenanigans. The woman, who of late has been a subject of ridicule, is loaded with information on how her pompous and FB-loving hubby's underworld involvement with juju. Blabber gathered that the hubby is loaded and overly involved in lucky-enhancing shenanigans. And as you know dear reader, juju comes at a cost, and as a condition to enhance its efficiency, the bozzo had to sacrifice his matrimonial sex-life. Blabber has it that the wife has confided in close relatives how the little boy barely touched her and how the two live like a ‘nun and father'. The juju imposed celibacy, she told Blabber's mole, prompted her to scout for that pompous and brainless moron with a twisted eye. Truth is that she was so starved and desperate that she literally funded her extra-marital escapades with that stinking beast and other suitors in the capital.

Yes, she would even pay that fool handsomely for sexual gratification. She would scout for and book lodges around the town using proceeds from her hubby's ill-gotten wealth. She would steal willfully to pamper that chimpanzee of a man.

Why? You may ask dear reader.

Because deep in her heart she knew that her wheel-loving hubby would not dare her as she had all his underworld secrets on her finger tips. This explains why she had the unprecedented guts to take and keep pictures of her kissing and cuddling her lover in her unsecured mobile phone gallery. That foolish dealer is not the only one who mounted her.

The moment she was hand-over, jackals that all along have been waiting on the fringes, especially at the hotdogs terminus, are all out pouncing and begging for a slice of her.

In short she is on demand like hot buns!

Watch my space!
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