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Zanu-PF has our Money!

31 May 2019 at 09:01hrs | Views
We were pleased to host President John Magufuli of Tanzania these past two days and he was kind enough to Cde Crocodile to speak the Zanu-PF party line and call for an end to sanctions on Zimbabwe, saying they hindered development and progress. I was very surprised that someone of Mr. Magufuli's stature would make such an uninformed statement. Why is it that so many of our neighbors side with such a corrupt lot, that is our President and governing party, when the truth of the matter is that the sanctions are only really impacting those in the Zanu-PF who would otherwise plunder our wealth and abscond.

The bottom line is that the sanctions currently imposed under the Zimbabwean Democracy and Economic Recovery Act or ZIDERA, are almost exclusively only targeted towards a select group of Zanu-PF party members, who for decades have stolen or murdered their way towards riches while the rest of our citizens suffer. It's an interesting exercise to actually take a look at those persons on the list, and you will be hard pressed to find one name for whom we should have any trust or respect.

These are the people behind the Gukurahundi genocides; those who plundered our State treasury; who stole the farms of the Whites and then left these farms to falter under mismanagement, incompetence and neglect; those who have stolen elections for more than a generation; have reduced our once proud nation to beggar status of Southern Africa; and those who continue still to deprive us of democracy and economic recovery. Sanctions are a convenient scapegoat for the Zanu-PF government to cover their failings. There are very few examples -- if any -- of foreign investors not investing in Zimbabwe due to sanctions. Foreign investors refuse to invest in Zimbabwe for the simple fact that the current government is CORRUPT as is the political party who supports them. There is no rule of law in Zimbabwe beyond "What's best for the Zanu-PF?".

The fact of the matter is, these sanctions do not hurt us, they protect us. If these sanctions were removed, those Zanu-PF members currently under sanction would simply move their money outside of Zimbabwe and as the country spirals into the final stages of total economic collapse, they would flee.

These sanctions prevent the Zanu-PF members who have our money, from externalizing it and then self-exiling to a life of foreign luxury.

The Army should not only remove the current government immediately, as I have written about in my previous articles, but also commit to seeking out and repatriating the wealth that has been stolen over the years. VP Chiwenga and General Philip Sibanda must investigate and prosecute any Zanu-PF member currently under sanction, and once they have been found guilty, these thieves must be punished.

How much money, our money, would be returned to the State Treasury if the Army were to seize this ill-gotten wealth. I will say it again, the wealth that has been stolen by members of the Zanu-PF is money that belongs to the people of Zimbabwe. If the Army can't stomach prosecutions here in Zimbabwe, maybe they should consider turning some of these thugs over to the International Criminal Court for war crimes and genocide?!?

The longer the Army waits, the more complicit they become in the current government's misdeeds. In just the past week,

- Fortune Chasi, Minister of Energy and Power Development told Zimbabweans to consider using bicycles and motorbikes because he is incapable of managing our fuel and energy needs.

- Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa's son Neville, was allegedly determined to be profiting off of the misery of Zimbabweans as a black market forex manipulator. They arrested him with $200,000 in American dollars. His father, Chris Mutsvangwa, is a former presidential adviser.

- Central Bank governor John Mangudya, doesn't seem to have a clue what's going on.

- Mthuli Ncube, Minister of Finance apparently lives at the Meikles hotel and doesn't even trust our currency and is paid in United States dollars -- this being the man upon whom our future economic well-being is dependent.  

- Didymus Mutasa, a former Minister and Zanu-PF is getting his debts paid with State funds -- our money!

- Tongai Matutu, some mid-level Zanu-PF wannabe, who might also actually be an imbecile, has lashed at out the United States of America embassy in Harare.

- And, our esteemed President, Cde. Crocodile can't seem to get from here to there without sending for a plane from the United Arab Emirates at a cost of hundreds of thousands of United States dollars each time.

This is our money! The Zanu-PF have it and it's time that we demand it back! It's time that we tell the Army that it is their duty to get it back! And we want action NOW!

Source - GoodNess Nwachukwu
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