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What an opportunity missed by Emmerson Mnangagwa

27 Jul 2018 at 16:24hrs | Views
When the military occupied the streets of Harare and parked their tanks on every corner of the streets of Harare, the people of Zimbabwe celebrated in anticipation of a better Zimbabwe. The military, under the command of general Chiwenga announced through S. B Moyo on national radio and television that his excellency, the president was safe and they were only targeting the criminals around him.

The people celebrated not because they liked the presence of the military on the streets in a country that was not at war, but they were celebrating the fall of a dictator, a self-crowned Hitler of Africa in the name of Robert Mugabe. They also celebrated on the promise of "Targeting the criminals around his excellence ". These criminals in the words of S.B Moyo were the ones who had caused untold suffering and misery among the ordinary Zimbabweans, but unfortunately little did we know that seven months down the line, only one small unfortunate criminal in the name Samuel Undenge will be prosecuted and sent to jail.

The general population expected the likes of Ignatius Chombo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Grace "Gucci" Mugabe, Jonathan Moyo, Augustine Chihuri, Obert Mpofu, Phillip Chinyangwa, Chivhayo and many more others to be behind bars.  Unfortunately, none of them have been prosecuted until to date. So, who were the criminals that the military were targeting? No wonder why the people of Zimbabwe are still suffering and haven't seen any real change because all the criminals are still walking scot-free and still causing untold suffering to the people of Zimbabwe. Some of them are still serving in your current coup cabinet courtesy of your appointment. Mugabe might have gone but his legacy is still very much alive because of the people still serving in this coup government through your personal appointments.

Your inauguration speech on the 24th November 2017, was greeted with so much optimism and anticipation by all Zimbabweans and the world over. But to date its only the words that you said and not much change in your actions. The general population of Zimbabwe haven't seen much in terms of improvements in the basic things that matters in their lives. Healthcare provisions hasn't improved in fact your deputy even unilaterally fired some fifteen thousand nurses for voicing their concerns through industrial action. Still people cannot get their hard-earned cash from banks. They still have to spend hours in bank queues to get a paltry $30-$50 bond coins. The cost of most basic goods has in fact gone up since you took office. No significant industries or factories have been opened to create employment for the unemployed youth. You have gone around the world with "Zimbabwe is open for business" mantra, but we haven't seen any businesses that have benefited the economic recovery of Zimbabwe.

Unemployment is still as high as it was during Mugabe's era. Vending is the only job available to our educated youths. No road map to recovery of this economy since you took office is evident. Still no cash in banks. Still no medication in our hospitals. You and your colleagues still fly to neighbouring countries for medical treatment. What about the general ordinary Zimbabwean public? Still there isn't enough electricity for domestic consumption. These are basic things you could have prioritised instead of buying cars for chiefs and aspiring Zanu PF MPs.
Mr President, you failed to accept responsibility for Gukurahundi, right. The least you could have done was to issue an apology and say sorry to the people of Matabeleland and Midlands and set up a commission of inquiry as soon as you took office. You should also just have said sorry for the part you played in 2008 post-election violence and said sorry for the part you and the army played in denying the people's president Morgan Tsvangirai the right to take over power from Robert Mugabe in 2008.

In your inauguration speech, you said let us not dwell in the past, but why is it that your colleagues like Christopher Mutsvangwa who is your special advisor seems to have nothing to offer to the electorate. His slogan is "We went to war, so you should let us rule". We then begin to wonder what special advice he is giving you in private. Its now 38years after independence and it seems Zanu Pf only has got war veterans credentials to offer to the electorate.

Surely, Mr President you could have done better, and you had time to prove to the world and to the people of Zimbabwe that you're better equipped than Mugabe to deal with the basic needs of Zimbabweans. You had an opportunity to show the world you are changing course and ready to mend the wrongs that were done by Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF. But as it is, Mugabe may have gone but his legacy is still very much alive. You therefore missed an opportunity to extend your sell  by date which is due on the 30th of July 2018.

Instead of hitting the ground running by repealing oppressive laws like AIPPA and POSA, you hit the ground running by legalising mbanje. This was your opportunity to concentrate on bread and butter issues and implement electoral reforms that would have made this election free, fair and credible. Unfortunately, you chose to ignore them, you will live to regret this missed opportunity to make Zimbabwe great again.


Source - Frazer Muzondo
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