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Nothing new from Zanu-PF

16 May 2018 at 13:20hrs | Views
The  Zanu-PF party are forgetting that the Zimbabweans they are trying to fool are the ones who saw them reducing this great nation to a level of beggars. They had 37 years in power and they failed this country's currency which was stronger than any other country in Africa. We now know you guys. You can fool us any more.

No amount image tarnishing of Nelson Chamisa will ever change the people's hearts. The new dispensation gave itself 100 days Target which yielded nothing, our situation even got worse. The only achievement notable was the removal of criminals who were extorting people's money in Zimbabwe's highways.

You were saved by the MDC in 2009 when you formed a Government of National Unity, GNU. We all know that. Sooner after the collapse of GNU, the country's economy headed it's way towards the escarpment once again. Your ZIMASSET never worked just like any other blueprints which came before it. You have nothing new Zanu-PF.

It's high time you leave. With the new crop of G40s, renowned thieves of the likes of Killer, what do you expect? Zanu-PF is finished.

Only a new party can this economy. We saw that MDC has that ability. They brought the new technology and internet and even a stable currency which one would easily get from banks. But when you took over in 2013 our woes resuscitated. Tombopawo MDC a chance. You did a good job when you fought the liberation war. You did your part. Now hapachadi pfuti to run the economy. Poda mabhuku. Garai pari ana Mahiya and your comrades.

Source - Nkomah Isaac
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