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To get change, vote

16 Apr 2018 at 06:40hrs | Views
"Make sure you're civically engaged and you vote for people that you want.  Change doesn't happen overnight. Change starts with you."

Zimbabwean youths want change.  But to get change, they must be active participants in civil society.  They must understand their history and their future.  Youth must not be gullible and give in to fake promises of airports in Mutoko and airports in Murehwa.

The next few months are "exciting" for Zimbabwe the country will hold presidential, parliamentary and local government elections.

"It's an incredible opportunity for change and for civic engagement and for organizing young people to be more engaged in their community.  For the young people to benefit they must be in it and not to lead it.  Young people must not mistake leadership to mean a 40-year-old lying president.  Putting a young face in front does not mean that it is the young people in charge.  Those in charge work effectively in the background.

ZANU PF has transformed to become youth compliant.  We now have the youth on social media.  Our President is on face book.  He is not a young man by any chance but he adapts to all the ages and he is technically compliant.  He leads with experience.  Experience does not mean experience in success only.  The president has seen the failures and has learnt from that failure.  He has graduated from the experience and indeed he has the youth at heart.

Most youths are uninterested in the election process.  So the youth league decided to use expertise in communications and marketing to form an information campaign that could turn around the situation.  #EDHAS MY VOTE campaign targets youth ages 18–36 and uses a combination of social media and hip-hop music videos and concerts to deliver messages about the importance of voting and civic engagement.

The youth campaign relies heavily on social media for its increasing penetration into the population and for its cost effectiveness.  He said money saved using social media instead of advertising in traditional media can be used in activities on the ground.

ZANU PF is making extensive use of social media and technology to communicate with voters.

ZANU PF technology is only a tool for achieving your objectives.  Anyone wishing to create campaigns and initiatives of this type must have an effective strategy to reach the target constituencies and spur them to action. This is exactly what ZANU PF is doing.

ZANU PF is engaging unemployed youths in the democratic process instead of letting them fall into the trap of violence, this campaign addresses the need for civic engagement as a violence-prevention measure:

The challenge is to find a way to convince young people that if they want to lead another life, the vote is a way to get there.

It is not being young which brings in change.  It is working together as a nation.  The message being flown around by Chamisa is that discard of your parents and be the parent yourself.

ZANU PF is entrenched in deep culture and love; it unites and does not believe in the generational gap.  The young and the old all will need to live in the country and be united. We have to build citizens and the other major effort — the ZANU PF Factory — is helping youths build a sense of belonging to their nation and gain a sense of citizen responsibility.

We should know that encouraging citizens to be civically engaged is what will lead to change:  We tell young people to make sure they're civically engaged and you vote for people that you want.  Change doesn't happen overnight. Change starts with you and casting your vote for people who will deliver in your best interests will lead to the change you want.

"A good leader says 'believe in yourself' versus 'believe in me'.

The youths must not vote for a bullet train but for a seasoned leader who now knows what to avoid and what to do.  Do not experiment with your life.  It will be a tragedy to give your life to Chamisa and the MDC simply because he is young.  Zimbabwe has a history with these Bishops. Remember Bishop Abel Muzorewa, now there is Bishop Nelson Chamisa.

Zimbabwe is not a toy to be given to a toddler to play with. We must all guard our interest with our vote for ED.

#ED must have your vote for your own good future.

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