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The return of Mukanya . . . Can it inspire Majaivana?

26 Jan 2018 at 05:38hrs | Views
The local music industry has for decades been robbed of talented gems that are self-exiled because of their satirical political and social commentary vested on the lyrical content of their creative pieces.

The new political dispensation came with new changes in a "New Zimbabwe" and that perhaps has inspired one of the self exiled Chimurenga music originators Thomas Mapfumo based in the United States of America to finally declare to grace a historic show at Glamis Arena in the capital city on 28 April, ironically, a few days after the 18 April Independence Day celebrations.

Affectionately known as the "Lion of Zimbabwe", Mapfumo is no stranger when it comes to the removal of the "Union Jack" flag giving birth to a new liberal Zimbabwe born in 1980 as his Chimurenga music played a pivotal role in overthrowing the Ian Smith regime, proof being his first album Hokoyo! released pre-independence which saw him sent behind bars without trial as it was deemed a rebellion piece to the white rule.

Lyrically, the legendary Mapfumo doesn't hesitate throwing shade as he calls a spade a spade with most of his songs featured on his 1989 album Corruption like Varombo Kuvarombo, a direct connotation to Government officials which were regarded as pillaging national resources at the expense of the people.

With the new Government led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa trying to restructure and redress political, social and economic challenges with its first move being removing the corrupt Government officials from the office like the expelled members of the G40, can the banned Mapfumo's songs that preach the same gospel as the current administration regain their share of airplay?

Yes, they can, considering the fact that Mapfumo has finally agreed to perform in his native country since his last visit in 2005 as approved by the veteran musician's publicist Blessing Vava speaking to our sister paper Chronicle.

"We are excited that Mapfumo will be performing in Zimbabwe after more than a decade's absence," Vava said.

With an eagle's eye view, one is at liberty to say that it took courage for Mukanya, a totem derived from his ancestral clan, to finally make up his mind and return to his "home sweet home" and re-unite with his fans in a show which is expected to be an emotional gathering as the Chimurenga fans were longing to watch the "prophet of doom" live on stage.

However, can Mukanya's gig inspire Bulawayo's long lost forgotten singer Lovemore Majaivana who is also self-exiled in USA, to also become a prodigal son and come for a date in the City as a form of re-unification with his always loyal fans?

Arts practitioner Raisedon Baya said, "unlike Mapfumo, Majaivana left the country without running away from anyone or offence, therefore if he wants to come back the door is open. However, on his whereabouts Majaivana is said to be a church minister, we call him home while we don't mind that he has a private life and a right to choose what he wants".

"He publicly made his choice that he is not coming back to Zimbabwe a long time ago. We can request him by public demand and fill the Large City Hall to the brim on his return show, but the question is what is next after that, can he survive through music than being a Pastor wherever he is?" argued Baya.

Mapfumo has decided otherwise and broke a vow he made of not revisiting Zimbabwe and everyone looks forward to his epic show. It's now up to Majaivana to revisit his vows.

Source - bmetro
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