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Who killed Zapu in the UK?

14 Dec 2011 at 12:51hrs | Views

Zapu in the UK is dead, the final straw was the All Stakeholders meeting held in Leicester on the 10th December 2011. This is an honest analysis and diagnosis of what has transpired in the business of Zapu in the UK since its revival and its famous Milton Keynes inaugural meeting. No stone will be left unturned, names will be mentioned and heads must roll in the interest of Zapu's survival and all those who call Zapu their political home.

After the Milton Keynes meeting, Zapu had four main or key players Mr Nicholas Ndebele, Mr Mqondobanzi Magonya and behind the scenes were Thamsanqa Zhou and Arthur Molefe. Soon it emerged that confusion and power hunger as the name of game. When a vote of no confidence was passed in Leicester against Mr Nicholas Ndebele it became clear that the UK problems were deeper than what people had supposed, it became clear that Dr Dumiso Dabengwa and Advocate Cyril Ndebele were in a vicious power struggle as to who will emerge a Zapu's executive president in the Congress to come, which was held in August 2010. Dabengwa and Cyril played their power games in the UK, they started sending inconclusive, contradictory and confusing directives to the UK structures.
when a vote of no confidence was passed against the leadership of Nicholas Ndebele a dangerous power hungry player entered the fray, this was Dr Ralph Mguni and Thamsanqa Zhou emerged from behind the scenes to the forefront. the emergence of Ralph Mguni effectively split Zapu in the UK right from the top to the bottom, two factions emerged, one claimed alligiance to Dr Dabengwa this was the faction led by Dr Mguni and effectively controlled by Thamsanqa Zhou, and the other faction was ceremoniously led by self-important Jabavu Mpofu and effectively controlled by Mqondobanzi Magonya with their puppet leader Irvine Moyo, who did not have a clue what was going on.

In 2010 an opportunity to heal the rift presented itself in the mould of Mcleod Tshawe, who came all the way from Zimbabwe to find a solution. When Mr Tshawe came the Mguni faction dug deeper and did not want to move an inch, did not want to compromise, they false claimed to be the custodians of the constitution. Mr Tshawe came with a formula which if it was adopted could have healed the rift, but it was clear that some people like Thamsanqa Zhou and Dr Mguni were happy with continued divisions as long as they were in the helm and firmly in control of the reins. For those who do not have the information as to what Mr Tshawe suggested as the solution, let me briefly explain to you, Mr Tshawe proposed that the Magonya and Mguni faction merge and form a new executive. Thamsanqa the self-styled lawyer accussed Mr Tshawe of breach of the party constitution, the reason behind his opposition had nothing to do with upholding the party constitution as you will his actions, but it is manifestly clear that he wanted divisions to continue unabated, one is legally entitled to ask this self-styled lawyer, to those benefit did he do all these things. As for Mguni he attended the meeting but ran away before the solution was reached, he went around lying saying that he was in favour of Mr Tshawe's proposed solution, but it is known that he had instructed Thamsanqa to oppose it and call for fresh elections.

The basis for fresh elections was the fact that at that time Mguni's faction had control of party properties including the website and they were in control of the organisation's electoral process which they had clearly corruptly manipulated. The Magonya faction was going to be walloped in the elections, they knew that and they did not participate in the sham electoral process worse than the Mugabe's electoral processes, the conclusion was foregone, Dr Mguni was knighted the chair of his faction, with the blessings of the UK Provincial Council of Elders, led by a Mr Mnkandla.

Mguni's faction was counselled to extend a hand of friendship to the Jabavu faction so as to heal the rift and unite Zapu in order to turn into a formidable and a force to reckon with, however, Mguni and Thamsanqa made sure that never happened, this was when people started saying that maybe Mguni and Thamsanqa were moles working for the enemy, but personally I don't think that they were, their problem was that they were too power-hungry, they were so ambitious that they wanted to usurp power even from Dabengwa. This power, as it will be explained in the next instalment led to the destruction of Zapu when Mguni and Thamsanqa started turning against each other.

The Zapu National Congress and its effects on the UK Zapu Structure:

Zapu democratically asked for nominations from its 14 provinces for its National Executive Committee and National People's Council, which were going to be officially elected in its 9th Congress. The Zapu UK structure also participated in this process; it is here, where Thamsanqa's true colours came through. Thamsanqa ran the whole nomination process in the UK and corruptly so, some nominations from districts were turned down for Thamsanqa's people and Thamsanqa single handedly ensured that Dr Mguni was elected the party's Secretary General. It has now surfaced that Thamsanqa did not ensure that Mguni was elected Secretary General out of the love of the party, but it was a game, to humiliate Dr Mguni, he knew that Dr Mguni can not work effectively with people, he knew that Dr Mguni thrived on division, he knew that Dr Mguni was grossly incompetent and that sooner than later he would be removed from the position for incompetence. Thamsanqa's observation was to a greater extent accurate, today Mguni is on the brink of oblivion in the party, he has caused divisions in Zapu UK, caused divisions in Zapu SA and Zapu Zim. It is not Mguni's fault that he is incompetent, but it is Thamsanqa's fault that he knew of it but chose to humiliate him and in the process affecting Zapu operations. Thamsanqa manipulated the system to an extent that the entire Provincial Executive Committee led by Dr Mguni was elevated to either NEC or NPC. Even Thamsanqa himself unashamedly appointed himself to the NPC. The most painful thing is that after corruptly elevating themselves to the NPC or NEC, they still wanted to control the Zapu operations in the UK, they refused to relinquish power, they remained in control of the website and party bank account, of which they are still in control by proxy or directly today.

The emergence of Molefe

Molefe was elected in an election which was organised and corruptly controlled by Thamsanqa Zhou. The sooner Molefe was elected the quicker he was suspended for frivolous allegations. The man behind Molefe's demise was Dr Mguni. The Molefe executive did not function at all. The power brokers were Dr Mguni and Thamsanqa Zhou. Mr Molefe was miraculously re-admitted to his position, but the entire executive remained in limbo, the only positive thing that the Molefe executive managed to do was to open a Zapu office, however, there are so many allegations levelled against the existence of this office, which is said to be benefiting Molefe and his close friends. It is said to be a money making project, but for personal purposes. The NPC has a hand in this project as well. The Molefe executive was quickly disbanded and fresh elections were called for the 29th October 2011 and once more Molefe was elected its chair. The hell broke loose, those who did not want Mr Molefe as the Chair, made sure that the election outcome was declared null and void. The man behind the nullification was none other than the Secretary General. Dr Mguni corruptly forced the hand of the Council of Elders to declare the outcome of the sham election null and void. Zapu UK has always held corrupt elections and every time those elections were endorsed, but this time around, due to Mr Molefe being seen as in cohorts with Thamsanqa Zhou, he faced the music.

The final straw

The Zapu UK District chairs called for an all Stakeholders meeting, which was convened on the 10th December 2011. The purpose of the Stakeholders meeting was to assess why Zapu was not functioning in the UK and to come up with a clear way forward. However, it is reported that in the meeting, the NPC in conjunction with the Molefe PEC turned fire on the Council of Elders for nullifying the outcome of the Molefe election. The meeting was hijacked but to serve the interests of Thamsanqa Zhou and his bogus NPC. The District Chairs were overwhelmed by a much organised NPC and their noble agenda to chatter a way forward became nothing.

Solution to the UK Zapu debacle:

It is now clear that there are two problematic people in the UK, the most intelligent being Thamsanqa Zhou. Dr Mguni and Thamsanqa Zhou are the two people who confuse the operations of Zapu in the UK. Do away with Thamsanqa; do away with Dr Mguni and set Zapu UK free. I refuse to believe that these guys are CIOs, but I think they are too power-hungry to the detriment of Zapu progress.

Source - Nqobile
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