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Alevel: Divinity Questions and answers with Dingani Witness

09 Apr 2016 at 11:49hrs | Views
Qn. "Israel prophets lived a life of suffering".Examine this view,Comparing with Zimbabwean prophets and giving the extent (25)

Let's try to answer the following fundamental questions
-what is a prophet?
-what is suffering?
-which prophet was suffering?
-Zimbabwean context ,do we have Zimbabwean prophets who are suffering just like Ancient Israel prophets?

®Israel prophets faced so many problems leading them to suffer in different ways,the following work will compare the life of Israel prophets with Zimbabwean prophets.

©Elijah lived a life of hiding after butchering 850 false prophets.Life of hiding doesn't have elements of joy ,hence,its suffering. In Zimbabwean context it has been suggested that Angel lastly appeared in the scene specifically in Zimbabwe 4 years back after being charged of fraud over the case of N.Shava ,as such one will be forced to suggest that he is living life of hiding just like Elijah (similarities can be noticed)

©Jeremiah can be regarded as a suffering prophet if the element of being divinely is removed,he was imprisoned under the hands of the priest Pashuh( Jer 20 v 1).In Zimbabwe it is documented that Zimbabwean prophets were once imprisoned for instance Gutu and Mutendi imprisoned by the Smith regime for spreading the gospel which was against colonisation of Southern Rhodesia.

©The dressing ,food of Elijah has elements of suffering ,he ate wild honey and locust) this is very uncommon/unexpected to a prophet, hence ,he was suffering,Masowe claimed to have relied on locust during his fastings in Mount Marimba.

©Jeremiah's scroll was burnt (Jeremiah 36 v 15),Nehemiah Mutendi in an interview on Nehanda Radio Newspaper claimed that the colonialist had tendency of burning the church of Samuel Mutendi ,during his days,similarities can be noticed.

©Jeremiah was refrained from communal activities (Jeremiah 16 v 1)For instance do not marry,to mention but few only.In Zimbabwe no prophet has claimed to have been refrained from communal activities just like Jeremiah.Differences can be noticed.

©Being rejected in a society ,thus,a result of being unpopular for so many reasons. Amos was unpopular in Israel during his days ,this is evidenced by the actions of the audience towards his message. Apocalypse school of thought have went on to suggest that Amos might have been killed by the sons of Jeroboam. Element of suffering is recognised. In other words the above information justify the view that Amos to a certain degree was suffering. In Zimbabwean context so many prophets have been rejected because of their messages ,some of them you associate with them, hence indicating them will be waste of time.

©Jeremiah was accused by everyone and some prophets leading to be regarded as a false prophet,this is indicated in Jeremiah 28.The point is on accusation. In Zimbabwean context,it is opposite, prophets accuse each other .Nehanda Radio Newspaper 15 February 2015,had stories of Zimbabwean prophets accusing each other, Magaya accused the Vapostori for being false prophets. Fortunately Johannes Ndanga the Vapostori as well labelled Magaya as a false prophet leading him to request for Contest with Magaya just like Elijah with Baal.The life of accusation hold elements of suffering.

There are so many examples which can be used to execute the question

®As much Israel prophets and Zimbabwean prophets live a life which is characterised of suffering, one will be making violence on a plain language to ignore the view that there are some Israel prophets who lived a flamboyant life for instance Gad and Nathan (the court prophets ) who received a remuneration fee thus leading some scholars to regard them as civil servants.

©The life style of Ezekiel Guti and Makandiwa disqualify the view that they are suffering.

©Ezekiel Guti since Zimbabwe got its independence haven't experienced any accusation,but he has now well known for his caring heart, this is evidenced by the donations which he is doing .This is also similar to Makandiwa .

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Source - Witness Dingani
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