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Teen pastor destroys married church founder's marriage

by Staff Reporter
28 Nov 2015 at 07:27hrs | Views
A TEENAGE pastor is head over heels in love with a married church founder resulting in the breaking up of her two-year old marriage.

The young pastor, Frank Emmanuel (19) of Living Waters, confirmed his relationship with the founder of Dangamvura-based Faith, Hope and Life Ministries, Bernadette Nyanga (26) and said the marital bliss was over between Bernadette and her husband, Leslie Mparutsa (26).

"I am not dating someone's wife. The two (Bernadette and Leslie) broke up and I don't know why he is continuously pestering her. If you want to get the truth, call Bernadette on her Net-One line. Leslie is out to tarnish my image as a man of God as well as that of Bernadette who recently founded her own ministry. She is a woman of God and some people are misleading Leslie to tarnish our image. I cannot say anything on the alleged affair, why can't you phone Bernadette?"

When told that Bernadette's given Telecel and Net-One numbers were not reachable, Frank said: "I shall be with her very soon because she has gone to Chikanga to collect her money. We will phone you as soon as she comes back."

True to his word, Bernadette phoned almost an hour later, saying she was not in a position to say anything unless Leslie was also present. "We should both meet, myself and Leslie so that we can tell you the actual story. I will not say anything over the phone. Even if we were married, will a serious person prefer to tarnish the image of his wife in the Press? What he was saying are all lies. I know a lot of people at The Manica Post.

"I am a woman of God and its true I was in Chikanga when you phoned. As I speak I am in Zimunya and this shows that I am busy," said Bernadette.

In an unsolicited interview on Monday, a bitter Leslie who gave all the evidence confirming the love affair between Bernadette and Frank, said he was left to nurse a broken heart by the woman he gave his unconditional love.

"I have lost my wife for two years to a young pastor in Dangamvura, Frank and the two are spending most of their time together. At one time, I confronted Frank to leave my wife alone, but he told me that Bernadette had lied to her that she had divorced me.

"The two continued with their affair. I arrived home last Tuesday night from church and discovered that my wife was not at home. I waited for her return in vain and decided to look for her at Frank's house in Area 3. It was around midnight and I was told that he had left and was now staying in Founders area of Nyamauru also in Dangamvura," he said.

Leslie followed the two to their new love nest and allegedly caught up with the lovebirds who were walking in the company of Frank's three armour bearers (monyas).

"The armour bearers confronted me and told me to leave the two alone. They warned me never to confront their prophet again. I left them and decided to make a police report at Dangamvura Police Station since I had been threatened by the monyas as well as Bernadette's text messages. I was advised by the police that it was a civil matter," he said.

Leslie, who is a musician and plays with Manicaland provincial Chibuku Road to Fame winners, said he was forced to tie the knot by Bernadette's late mother who bankrolled the whole wedding. "My late mother-in-law bankrolled my wedding in December 2013 after I had told her that I did not have the resources for such an occasion. She said I would repay her later, but unfortunately she passed on before I paid her money back.

"My two-year marriage with Bernadette failed to produce any children and I later discovered that my wife was partaking birth control tablets. What is paining me most is her claims that she is now carrying Frank's baby, yet our marriage is still to be annulled," said Leslie.

Below are some of the chats between Leslie and Bernadette:

(11:30am, 11/20/2015) Tyno: Prophet

(1:00pm, 11/20/2015) Frnk: Hy

(7:51am, 11/23/2015) Tyno: Tell my wife to cme bek hme

(7:59am, 11/23/2015) Tyno: Leave my wife munhu wamwari

(8:31am, 11/23/2015) Frnk: Im not ur wife lessy home ????? Im now married stop txtng us u wl brek my meriyeji . . . hy lm nt a bich udakundirambanisa nehama dzemurume wangu lm pregnent

(8:31am, 11/23/2015) Tyno: Berna saka u are nw staying na frank shuwa

(8:33am, 11/23/2015) Frnk: Ehe Lessy and arikuuya kunobvisira . Unlike yu hauna kana kumbondibvisira kana bond . Im hep l lv Frank

(8:34am, 11/23/2015) Tyno: Berna inga I tryd to be a better man wani..n this is how I treat me….cme bek xaa

(8:35am, 11/23/2015) Tyno: Saka wakugara na frank shuwa

(8:37am, 11/23/2015) Frnk: Nvr nvr l dnt lv u nw lm in blankets frank is bathing hi is my hasbant tym yako is gone l lv frank liv mi alon evn anthing l secrifize fo him kut asandisiye l wl die fo hm

(8:37am, 11/23/2015) Frnk: I want tu tel yi reletives tht u ar tomenting my meriyeji liv us or l wl jail u

(8:38am, 11/23/2015) Frnk: I want tu tek pis oder

(8:41am, 11/23/2015) Tyno: Oh I c kkk

(8:42am, 11/23/2015) Frnk: Sharp

Below are the text messages initially between Frank and Leslie and later between Leslie and Bernadette:

Leslie: Muri free hre mupinde mutwn so tht we discus about the issue

Frank: Nw occupied. But we want tu si u I hed that wakaita noiz kumba kwedu

Leslie: Hoo ndozvamakanzwa. Haisi nyaya because ts a lie handna kupopota ndakataura zvakanaka and ndovakandiudza whre u whre. Handna kuita noiz

Frank: Don't lie . . .

Leslie: Munhu waMwari handna kuita noiz bt ivin dai ndakaita noiz manga musina mukadzi wangu kumba kwenyu here. . .?

Lts end this man to man. Inga ndakakutsiurai pawhatsapp wani, but nezuro u pruvd kti hamuna kuteerera coz ndakakuonai mune mukadzi wangu. Mukadzi wangu

Frank: Akat makarambana, ok uripapi nw

Leslie: Bt ivin hnati taigara tese hre zvamaiziwa

Frank: I ddnt. Ok ndozvakakupa samba rekuenda tu my ples 1 rekundiningedza, 2 no evrbady ari munyaya iyi . . . jst wait and see Muparutsa

Leslie: No munhu wamwari its ok I undstnd ndazwa zvamataura. I will wait. I am cool. Bt it pains kutorerwa mukadzi waurugara naye. It hurts

Frank: Hooo sry bt btwn u guys its nomo….u no ndandinewo wanku bt takarambana, its minz we wer nt ment tu bi tugethar so sem aplize tu u guys

Leslie: Saka munhu wamwari u hv the power to say we wer nt meant to be hre… ndosaka makadanana nemukadzi wangu hre

Frank: I ddnt say tht bt jst a saying yekuti evry finishing line thr is a beginning of a new resi. Ok zvapera hw ar u M.R Mupaeutsaaaa

Leslie: Vanhu vaka divosa vanogara vese hre???

Frank: U dnt stay tugethar

Leslie: Y ar saying tht? All I knw z tht berna is my wife b we are havin problems tht we ar trying to solve. Iwewe I dnt knw kti wakanzwepi zvaurutaura. Wakanyepera. My relatives n her relatives knw that I stay at P106B. Wakanyeperwa . . .

Munhu wamwari siyanai nemukadzi wangu

Bernadette: Frank asiya fon hi is bathing

Leslie: Apedza ngaandipindurewo zvaaruita hazvisi kundifadza hangu………ngasiyane nemukadzi wangu

Bernadette: I'm not ur wife Lesly Muparutsa, siyana naFrank a stop tomenting my fiancée I love frank ryt nw. If u want war ramba uchhita wat u are dng dat paper is useless hauna kundiroora if u wnt lets meet in court, ndakakuramba zvakanaka wani, leave us alone.

I love Frank a guess wat Im 1 week pregnant. Frank loves me evn hama dzake. I thank God fr him a handifi ndakamusiya or kumuramba ukutopedza zvako nguva yako lessy.

Dairaka waurufunga kut fon ina Frank swyyyy ndini ndini ndinayo ukaramba uchitinetsa Im calling ur mother ndovaudza kuti u are now distrbng my lufe a my marriage. I love Frank its not gonna change.

Leslie: Serious Bena u lied to me kut munhu wamwari yet u ar sleeping with him

Bernadette: Thts nani of yo bizines dnt evar txt on ths # lessy wanzwaa

Source - Manicapost

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