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Apostle Try Immanuel lambasts false prophets

by Panashe Makufa
21 Dec 2016 at 07:18hrs | Views
Greaterlife Embassy leader Apostle Try Immanuel lambasted mushrooming Prophets for seating on their hands at the expense of congregants in the Christian community.

Addressing his followers at Greaterlife Tower in Harare On Sunday during his Shona Service which was titled Mwari wenyu achava Mwari wangu Apostle Try Immanuel crashed lazy, parasitic, young people absconding school and jumping into ministry without even proper bible training and without submitting to anyone, drawing their beads on struggling and challenged Christians.

He Said There is an error and chaos in The Christian community because of people who don't want to work, everyone who missed it at school or fail to cope up with life troubles claim to be called and it have to be corrected especially in Zimbabwe "Trick ikushandiswa NaSatani especially muzimbabwe ndeyekuti munhu wese akafoira kana asina zvekuita anecalling,.....unoona munhu asingakwanise kuona li why yake life yakaoma anoda kusolver dzevamwe. Asati agona kugadzirisa maproblems ekumba kwake anoona zveZimbabwe, Umwe ndiye anotoroteswa Hillary Clinton achihwinha MAELECTIONS hakuna Mwari akadaro.Mwari wacho ndiye anoti wisdom yemurombo haigamuchirwe nemadzimambo, unosvika sei kustate house nebhasikoro uchiti ndine hope dzenyika......"

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He queried where these preachers expect their congregates to get motivation and power to pursue for better things from before they see the same power they are taught working on their leaders.

The Greaterlife Founder encouraged people to remain positive regardless of the prevailing situation and to work hard and trust in God.

Apostle Try Immanuel also said people are being deceived by the devil using the prophetic especially ladies who tend to be prey of love to these self-proclaiming prophets "Vana vangu vasikana musanyengwe necalling, calling haidyiwe muudze kuti ndazvinzwa kuti unondida but Mai vangu unovapei……proposal ngaimbomira kusvika awatanga kuita something nemaoko" He also advised The Christian community to be wise when receiving Prophets in this season because the prophetic can also be revealed by the devil.

"After every prophetic word before following, Sit down and listen to what that person teaches, study his character what he fears and the motive behind all he is doing. Miracles and the prophetic can be copied by the devil but doctrine and teaching reveals the source of power.

Don't be led astray because according to Deuteronomy 13vs1-3 God is testing whether people really love him or not through these mushrooming prophets" He concluded by warning Christians to watch the foundations on which they stand before 2017 because 2017 is going to be a year of serious reformation and transformation

"God will be wiping out foundation less and characterless LEADERS AND ALL THESE tricksters. God is not going to allow his people to be manipulated in 2017"

Source - Panashe Makufa

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