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Gwanda North MP commended over fair food distribution

by Stephen Jakes
30 Mar 2015 at 07:57hrs | Views
…as in other parts of the country Zanu-PF politicizes food distribution

Villagers in Gwanda North have hailed their members of the house of assembly Madodana Sibanda for fair distribution of food contrary to other parts of the country where the food is reportedly being distributed on partisan grounds with the Zanu-PF officials in charge of the programmes.

This was revealed by the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) through its monthly report.

"In the month under review ZPP came across a community in Gwanda North that is proud of how their representative in the House of Assembly Hon. Madodana Sibanda of Zanu-PF has transformed the distribution food and other aid," reads ZPP report.

"He is commended for advocating for equitable distribution regardless of political affiliation. While in Gwanda North Hon Sibanda demonstrated that he represents all citizens in the constituency regardless, the same cannot be said of leaders in other parts of the country."

ZPP indicated that in an act of exemplary stewardship Gwanda North Member of Parliament Sibanda of Zanu-PF has been hailed by the community for spearheading a process of equal distribution of food and other aid regardless of political affiliation.

"In a discussion with ZPP, a group of women in the constituency said they are confident their representative will be voted in again in the next election," reads the report.

"An elderly lady said "….unlike others in the past Madodana insists that if the food or the commodity being distributed is not enough to go round in its packages then the community will share be it maize or fertilizer even if it means each person gets a cupful."

ZPP said however, the situation is not the same in other parts of the country since food and farming inputs continue to be distributed along party lines in most of the provinces, as Zanu-PF supporters are the main perpetrators while the members of the opposition party are victims.

"Dry regions such as Matabeleland North and South as well as some portions of Masvingo are experiencing drought this farming season and there is need for state intervention to ensure adequate food for citizens," reads the report.

In Manicaland the ZPP said on 6 February 2015, ward 3 Councillor Martin Dube of Zanu-PF in Chipinge Central denied a family access to fertiliser under the Presidential Input Scheme accusing the family of being MDC-T supporters.

"On 5 February 2015 in an act of political intolerance war veteran Isaac Masekesa seized a bag of fertilizer from another villager of Ward 8 in Mudzi West and openly accused him of being a member of the opposition," reads the report.  

"The Village Head had listed all villagers to get fertilizer but Masekesa vouched that only Zanu-PF supporters should be given priority over people from other parties in accessing inputs."

ZPP indicated that village head Joseph Kandigomba of Mukota B in Mudzi North denied one female villager access to beans, cooking oil and grain being distributed by an international aid organisation because her children were election observers during the 2013 elections.

"The food was distributed to the elderly on 5 February 2015," reads the report.

"Felix Shonhiwa Ward 12 Councillor in Marondera West used his influence to get two bags of 50kg fertilizer instead of one during distribution. The villagers and other members of the distribution committee were disgruntled about that. However, one of Shonhiwa's bags disappeared and was not recovered."

In Mashonaland Central village head Abraham Mhembere of Zvirimwe, Muonwe village in Bindura South denied an MDC-T supporter fertilizer distributed under the Presidential Input Scheme. Mhembere indicated that the fertilizer was for Zanu-PF members only and not for other party members. This took place on 11 February 2015.

"In a different incident on 18 February 2015 Stella Muchapondwa a leader of the Zanu-PF Women's Wing denied an MDC-T supporter fertilizer based on the victim's political affiliation," reads the report. "Both the victim and perpetrator are from Muchapondwa village in Bindura South."

In Mashonaland West an MDC-T supporter was denied fertilizer at Dombwe hall in Chegutu East on 14 February 2015.

"The whole distribution committee comprised of members of Zanu-PF and one of the members Innocent Gota indicated that 'a goat eats grass around the place it is tied' meaning that one should benefit from a party one is affiliated to," reads the report.

"In another incident an MDC-T supporter was given fertilizer during distribution of inputs at Mutandwa village in Mhondoro Ngezi on 14 February 2015. After the distribution a war veteran in the area Sinodia Garakara and Zanu-PF supporter Samson Muradu went to the MDC-T supporter who had received fertilizer."

ZPP stated that the two demanded the bag of fertilizer that had been given to the victim. They indicated that she was not supposed to get the inputs before Zanu-PF members get them. The victim handed back the bag of fertilizer.

In Bulawayo the province faces serious famine as all peri-urban farming was affected by drought, most crops dried up due to very little rains. The food situation is worsened by the collapse of industries in the city. Most people are unemployed and therefore cannot afford to buy food from the shops.

In Matabeleland North the province is hit by serious food shortages particularly as a result of the ravaging drought. Most food aid programs were halted earlier in the year leaving the province in a state of desperation.

Source - Byo24News

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