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Former legislator calls for govt to lockdown Plumtree supermarket

by Stephen Jakes
22 Apr 2020 at 09:14hrs | Views
Former MDC Legilstaor for Bulilima East Norman Mpofu has called the government of Zimbabwe to shutdown the Gains Cash and Carry store in Pumtree saying it exposes citizens to Covid 19 infection.

"The government of Zimbabwe must "Lockdown" GAINS CASH AND CARRY Plumtree for seriously exposing the people of Bulilima Mangwe to covid19. There is serious abuse of subsidised meallie meal and sugar causing people to flock to Greens Plumtree there by creating congestion as people jostle to buy at Greens," he said.

"The gumaguma type of manager has imposed tough conditions.
To buy subsidised roller meal at Gain Plumtree business people are required to buy a consignment of parlenta and cases of 500ml coca cola. This is a serious abuse of privilege by Gain cash and carry."

He said to get brown sugar one has to but grocery of the same value e.g to get sugar of $3000 one must buy grocery of the same value.

"Wholesales have been allowed to operate so as to help supply essentials to the citizens not to abuse them. This gumaguma manager is not aware of the consequences of his shenanigans. He is pushing people away to congest at Greens and Plumtree Bakery seriously compromising social distancing," he said.

"Again those who manage to buy end up imposing similar conditions at their shops forcing the poor to buy unwanted goods. Others charge very high prices to makeup for what they are forced to buy. A 50kgs of roller meal has gone up to 500 rands or $1000 bond while 2kgs brown sugar is 100 rands."

Mpofu said the people need protection during this hour of need. He said unscrupulous elements like GAIN CASH AND CARRY should not be allowed to abuse the people in this manner.

"It must be emphasised that consumers have no choice but to buy in a few outlets allowed to operate. National Foods and Hullets must not allow their products to be used to rob people. The government must also protect its efforts. Subsidising meallie meal was a brilliant idea. Unfortunately Gain is thwarting the effort," he said.

"I appeal to our MPs to take up the matter. This is not time for profiteering but to save lives. Stay home and be safe."

Source - Byo24News