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Mohadi's remarks on Gukurahundi stupid- MLF

by Stephen Jakes
11 Jun 2018 at 07:39hrs | Views
Mthwakakazi Liberation Front spokesperson Ndabezinhle Fuyane has said his party will not accept stupid and unwarrented sentiments by Vice President Kembo Mohadi at the expense of Mthwakazians.

He said Kembo Mohadi was appointed VP of a coup government of this land not to comment on our fate.

"He has however lost his identity in his bid to be accomodated by the shonas. He has lost his humanity on a witnessed and confessed phenomenon of gukurahundi. Who does he think he is in Mthwakazi to stand on a daylight foolishness and claim that gukurahundi is secondary. Kembo can appease his Shona masters by whatever rubbish he utters so as to get his bread buttered by the powers that he saves," he said.

"We vehemently dismiss his talks as misplaced and irresponsible for a person using a wrong ticket to get to where he is. What on earth can we expect from such a shameless adult who can even sacrifice his own children for a piece of bread and space within the shona slayers. It is so sad and disheartening that some people are obsessed with the little power to the extent of forfeiting their identity .
Perhaps,the big question is how he got propelled to the post he holds now which he seems not to know what must.He has dinned with the evil that glorifies even nonsense."

He said Gukurahundi happened when all people in the world knew very well about human rights and genocide taking place in Mthwakazi.

"It raises questions on Mohadi's humanity,as an old man of his age to compare modern genocide with ancient tribal wars. The war to liberate Zimbabwe was to instill human rights among other things but whatever happened after that is simply genocide as it was committed with the intent to cow down the weak and the unarmed citizens of Mthwakazi which included pregnant women,the elderly and innocent souls," he said.

"No amount of madness can justify genocide of such magnitude and rapes of that scale whereby more than dozens of women were raped,more than 50 thousands were murdered in cold blood for being Ndebeles. Mohadi must denounce his Mthwakaziness and adopt shonaness which he worships even when wrong is apparent to the world . We shall not forgive him for such heartless utterances at a time when our nation is still bleeding  profusely from the scars and evil of the shona under his superiors, Mnangagwa,Perrence Shiri,Chiwenga,Sekeramayi and other cannibals of modern history."

He said Mohadi can go hang with his band of murderers.

"No amount of hoodwinking will stop the wheels of justice crashing his masters together with him as an accomplice and purveyor of impunity," he said.

Source - Byo24News