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Mthwakazi Republic Party Solidarity Speech for Bongani Ncube DVD launch

by Stephen Jakes
28 Nov 2016 at 07:55hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has hailed Bongani Mncube a Zimbabwean poet based in South Africa following the launch of his new DVD with music and poetry that rips into dictatorial governments in Africa.

MRP President Mqondisi Moyo said the party is proud of Mncube  whom he described as the real son of the soil who have historically and purposely gathered them in Johannesburg for the historic and iconic day in the history of Mthwakazi and the African continent at large.

"The invited guests, institutions and every one whom have been afforded an opportunity to witness this unique launch, allow me on behalf of MRP, its supporters and stakeholders to greet you," Moyo said.

"In deed and in jargon Bongani Mncube is one of the heroes in the struggle for Mthwakazi self rule, because his artistic talent is not only for self enhancement, entertainment and the likes, but rather it is pregnant with pragmatic issues of injustices committed and which are still committed against our nation of Mthwakazi which lastly tested freedom in 1893, which is a very painful reality. Bongani Mncube's music is a voice of reason to the purpose driven Africans."

He said it is a pan African music which is contextual to the current problems experienced by the Africans still suffering the political problems planted by the colonialists and subsequently inherited by  fellow African brothers and sisters to colonise other African brothers and sisters with the same system they initially condemned.

"We are glad as Mthwakazi to participate to the launch of the album of our very own child whose artistic talent surfaced at the right time. Historically struggles have not only been fought by guns and diplomacy alone, but it has been a combination of such music, diplomacy and guns depending on the situation and the circumstances," he said. "Music has been a helper in the struggles of many from the past generations and the present ones. Bongani Mncube's poetry combining with instruments have been welcomed by many at home and abroad, and as a party we urge our supporters to support him."

Moyo said Mncube's commitment to expose the political and social injustices experienced by the people perpetrated by Mugabe and his regime makes his music to be real.

"It is a known fact that reality can only be exposed by champions. It's unfortunate that since 36 years of African rule in Mthwakazi there is still no press freedom and our people would not have access to hear, see and appreciate this on the Zimbabwe broadcasting propaganda the ZBC, which is not watched by the oppressors themselves because of its determination to lie to the people of Mthwakazi," he said. "In such difficult times our artists need our support like no other time. With these remarks, I urge our people to support the artists with all aspects of support ranging from financially to moral support."

He said all Mthwakazians must make it a must to purchase both DVDs and audios of Bongani Mncube.

"As Mthwakazi Republic Party we join you in support on this magnanimous and significant day and may the good Lord bless you for representing our people in the arena of music. We are for peace and justice in our life time," he said.

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