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Mthwakazi teams must form their own league

by Mqondisi Moyo
16 Nov 2016 at 20:26hrs | Views
It is in this response that we should highlight to the world that this is the same Philiph Chiyangwa who bought his way into ZIFA presidency by bribing ZIFA councillors with suits and $500 of cash each.

This is the same Chiyangwa who has been all along claiming to be the nephew to Robert mugabe so that he is protected in his criminal activities until Patrick Zhuwawo the real nephew told the world that Chiyangwa is not in anyway related to the Mugabes.

 This the same Chiyangwa who destroyed Zeco and GND Shoes in Bulawayo thereby paying GND workers with shoes. We know that Chiyangwa doesn't know anything about Mthwakazi development.

Is he not the same Chiyangwa who as the zifa president openly showed his love and support for Dynamos?. That he did by openly influencing Dynamos to fire the white former Dynamos coach in the beginning of the season.

This is the same Chiyangwa who failed dismally to make a mark in ZANU PF and the Zimbabwe politics with all his dirty money and finally bought his way into ZIFA.

This is the same Chiyangwa who in 2003, 2004, 2005 was involved into ENG saga using his dirty dealings where he had his boys who would fly out of the country every weekend to watch Arsenal.

He is the same Chiyangwa who in those years was selling out the country's intelligence to Israel.

He is the same Chiyangwa who is a bud with Wicknell Chivayo another bogus business man in Zimbabwe.

As a party we urge Bosso to pullout of the Zimbabwe football and start their own Mthwakazi league with other teams from Mthwakazi as they did in 1976.

 Indeed people like Chiyangwa are endorsing our restoration agenda, we have long said that the Zimbabwe football is run political and Chiyangwa is manifesting his ZANU PF dirty politics in football. He is the implementer of the 1979 grand plan and filthy rich with dirty money.

The Highlanders FC are the pioneers of football. Established in 1926 by the greats Albert Khumalo and Rhodes Khumalo the grandsons of the great king Lobhengula.

We know that shonas have politicized football which was meant to be a social event.

Lest we forget their dynamos was formed in 1963 the very same year their evil party ZANU PF was formed. To us Mthwakazi people, the formation of ZANU PF in 1963 was the creation of all our woes.

We know that these suspensions of our people emanate from the resistance on relegation of two teams from the Premier soccer league which Chiyangwa is trying to violate. The councillors in their ZIFA meeting of 2015 resolved and endorsed that only two teams will be relegated this year not four as it have been the norm. We also know that Chiyangwa now realizes that Tsholotsho FC's chances of surviving relegation are now bright hence he is indicating left while turning right.

Gumede and Peter Dube are the best administrators than the bogus Chiyangwa, in fact Chiyangwa is the one who deserves to be suspended. He needs the mentorship of Gumede not the opposite.

Bosso is the only team with properties, and were purchased under the administration of Gumede and these include the club house and other properties. It is the only team which always have a properly elected executive as per their constitution.

Therefore ZIFA and ZANU PF are enemies of Mthwakazi...

For peace and justice in our life time.

Source - Mqondisi Moyo (Mthwakazi Republic Party)

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