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ZAPU press statement at Bulawayo press club

by Zapu
13 Nov 2014 at 13:41hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) as the name says is a political organization that is built on fundamentals that recognize and acknowledge the nation state of Zimbabwe, its ethnic diversity, the inalienable right of self determination of the people and their need for unity in achieving those fundamentals. ZAPU's vision is to unite Zimbabweans for the Development of a Democratic State.

Throughout its history ZAPU has actively sought union in various forms with other political forces within Zimbabwe in its pursuit of the establishment of a democratic state that respects, promotes and protects human rights as contained in the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights. The Patriotic Front was one such attempt to provide a united force in the struggle against and subsequent negotiations with the colonial powers. The forced and unpalatable Unity Agreement was also another attempt to bring peace and security to embattled people of Zimbabwe whose government had turned against them in its pursuit of total power by all means. In its sixth congress of 12-15 October 1984 and its Extra –ordinary Congress of 2 April 1988 shortly after deciding to bite the bullet of the 1987 "Unity Accord", ZAPU articulated a vision for a "united front of all progressive forces in Zimbabwe". Needless to say, key tenets of this vision and case for a united front such as peace, tranquility and good governance were increasingly trashed as the country became a virtual one-party state. Even after ceasing to have a party of his own, Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo- the ZAPU founder and leader –strove to the end to defend democratic space in independent Zimbabwe. (Refer to attached document)

After its pullout ZAPU has continued to actively pursue alliances with other political and non political forces within the country. As recently as December 2012 the Party produced a five point proposal for a United Front. This proposal was handed over to the political formations in the then Government of National Unity. Its essence was the establishment of a United Front to contest the elections of 2013. This front was to be premised on
Devolution of Power
Proportional Representation
Respect of values and ideals of the liberation struggle
Respect, promotion and protection of Human rights

Electoral Reform.
The parties while accepting the document did not come back to ZAPU to seek a way forward. Even when intelligence reports from both within Zimbabwe and the region pointed out that going into the elections without a United Front was suicidal those parties did not heed that advice. The Ncube formation of MDC belatedly and under pressure from the religious leaders came to a gentlemen's agreement with ZAPU but by then it was already too late as the nomination court had sat and candidates confirmed.

After the elections and their results people started talking of a Coalition and approaches were made to ZAPU. Discussions were held to a point where a proposal document was put together. The delegation from ZAPU which had been mandated by the National People's Council to attend those discussions brought the document back to the Party and the National Executive Committee took the Proposal back to our Provinces to consult on its contents and a way forward. That consultative process is now complete and provinces are handing their input to the administration. These inputs will be collated and a comprehensive report prepared for the NPC to consider and recommend a course of action appropriate to the circumstances. This consultative process might seem time consuming to our partners in the discussions but it is vital that the Party gets the input of its members in such a crucial decision. ZAPU will not be pushed into taking a rash and unconsidered decision.

During this consultative period events have taken place that need the Party to come out and clarify. First of these are the merger talks between the Ncube formation and Biti renewal team. Both these formations are principal partners in the CODE discussions. They have been press reports that an agreement will be signed by the two formations at monthend. ZAPU is not part of those merger talks between Ncube and Biti and while wishing them well in that endeavour will not be an active party to the signing of any agreement between them. Therefore we categorically state that those press reports of ZAPU signing any agreement on 30 November were ill-informed and false.

The renewal team has been on a recruitment drive in the provinces to drum up its support during this period of consultation. Reports received indicate that the teams are informing people that our parties have merged under the renewal banner. They then form structures by misinforming our members. We condemn such acts of dishonesty and call on our partners to exercise self-restraint and negotiate in good faith. Trust is vital in any relationship and we would like to believe we are going into a coalition with partners of integrity and honesty.

ZAPU views the proposed Coalition Of Democrats (CODE) as an opportunity to establish a democratic state in Zimbabwe that will seek to actively develop the country for the benefit of its people by abiding to the above mentioned fundamentals. CODE should not be viewed in the context of a regime change agenda. Its primary objective should not be the removal of the current regime, which has failed its mandate and is resorting to desperate measures to cling to power.

ZAPU calls on the government to implement fully the constitution which was accepted by the people of Zimbabwe through the referendum. Of major concern to ZAPU is the respect, promotion and protection of the fundamental human rights contained in the constitution which the people of Zimbabwe called for, wrote and adopted. The continued non - implementation of the clause on devolution of power to the provinces is an abdication by the government of its mandated role of running the country according to the provisions of the constitution. ZAPU demands the immediate establishment of provincial and metropolitan councils as provided for in the constitution.

The non- implementation of electoral laws guiding the conduct of elections should be implemented to ensure that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission  deals with the delimitation of constituency boundaries and registration of voters. This role of ZEC is clearly stated in the constitution and it is worrying that two years after the adoption of the constitution ZEC is still silent on its constitutional mandate.

The government has clearly failed to resuscitate the economy.  Their idealistic economic policies have proved to be nothing but castles in the air. It is high time government acknowledge that they have failed and call for an all inclusive forum to discuss and agree on a viable method of resuscitating the economy for the benefit of all Zimbabweans. The initiative by SAPES Trust in their conference of May this year should be used as a foundation on which to build a forum for all inclusive dialogue. The resolutions taken at that conference should be pursued and implemented by all players the government included.
While it is not the purpose of this conference to comment on the drama currently unfolding in ZANU, we feel the lack of a clear policy and lack of respect of constitutionalism have led to those events. Organisations are governed by constitutions which should reflect the values of the organization. If the constitution is subverted to fulfill individual desires chaos will ensure when the time to reckon comes.

Source - Zapu

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