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ZHRO Walk for Freedom

by ZHRO Team
29 Aug 2020 at 07:38hrs | Views
ZHRO VISION 2020, Walk for Freedom is starting on Saturday the 29th of August 2020 in Brighton U.K. and ends some 110km later at Hampton Court train Station in London on Sunday 30th October 2020.

The Walk for Freedom is used by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO), to raise awareness to the British public of the plight of people who are in Zimbabwe. These protest walks are due to take place every year until human rights are restored in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans all over the world now feel that they need an accountable Government. Not the ZANU PF Mafia Organisation that sends the police and or army to abduct, torture, rape and shoot unarmed civilian citizens in broad daylight in the middle of the capital city, in front of the worlds international media.

Today, the Junta in Zimbabwe is rife with corruption, individuals who are bigger than institutions, leading to miss management of the whole economy which has led to it being comatosed and debilitatingly paralysed due to a myriad of horrible things which includes the theft of COVID-19 donations by people very close to the President of Zimbabwe E. D. Mnangagwa.

Zimbabwe's economy now has over 800% inflation, last year it was over 100% inflation. Inflation was less than 10% per annum before Mugabe was removed less than 4 years ago.

Over 8 million Zimbabweans are said to be extremely food insecure by the World Food Program (WFP). The same number is also said to be at risk of or in Extreme Poverty. The WFP is subsiding millions of families in Zimbabwe with Food and or cash disbursements in the face of continuous Zimbabwe Government incompetence which is said to be assisting less than 20% of the most vulnerable, leaving WFP and other Government and Non Governmental Organisations to pick up the bulk.

This has led to many activists in Zimbabwe and around the world taking to protest against ZANU PF. In retaliation, ZANU PF has resorted to such extreme heavy handedness, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been more abductions, more torture, more loss of life and in the face of this; many Zimbabweans are now openly defying the armed forces and the police by saying Kusiri Kufa Ndekupi (either way we are dead) a clear example is the brave people who were in attendance when Job Sikhala was arrested and had his most recent first appearance in court.

"Zimbabweans are still suffering both in Zimbabwe and in the Diaspora. So we've got a road to go," said Rashiwe Bayisayi last year when being interviewed. Parts of the ZHRO Vision 2020 walk will be on Facebook Live.

Source - ZHRO Team

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