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Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance donates to Entembeni

by Thobelisizwe Siziba
15 Jul 2020 at 21:04hrs | Views
Today (15 July 2020), Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance through the Department of Humanitarian, Relief Services and Disaster Management led by the Secretary for Humanitarian, Relief Services and Disaster Management Themba Sibanda donated food parcels to Entembeni Old People's Home. The parcels were presented by the members of the National Accounting Council of MDA comprising of Women's League Chairperson Mecktai Gondwe, the Secretary for Communications and Public Relations Thobelisizwe Siziba, Deputy Secretary for Regional Integration and International Affairs Gugulethu Ndebele and Deputy Secretary for Education and Youth Empowerment Thembinkosi Mahlangu.

This was done towards the fulfillment of the Humanitarian, Relief Services and Disaster Management policy of Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance, which compels MDA to consider the welfare and the aspirations of the elderly people in our communities. It is without doubt that ZANU PF have caused a lot of suffering to the ordinary people of Mthwakazi and the vulnerable groups of our societies inclusive of the elderly people are at the receiving end of these hardships. The elderly people in Mthwakazi lacks social and economic security which are fundamental rights that must be enjoyed by all the elders in our communities.

MDA wishes to convey its appreciation and gratitude to all the members of Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance who contributed towards this worthy and valued cause. We further thank the sympathisers of Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance from the corporate world who also contributed towards this worthy cause and the synonymous people of Mthwakazi as well who contributed privately. We pray to the Almighty to bless all our members who are always dedicated to contribute towards the struggle of Mthwakazi emancipation and freedom. We want to categorically state that, as Mthwakazi people we have within ourselves the potential to create the nation and attitude we envisage in our societies of Mthwakazi. It is absolutely our duty to take it upon ourselves to develop and free our nation. We have suffered for a long time under the oppressive regime of ZANU PF and this is the perfect time to save our nation.

MDA calls upon all the people of Mthwakazi to unite under Mthwakazi Democratic Alliance as it is the only party that values constitutionalism and good governance. MDA is committed in offering pragmatic solutions, which will drive all the Mthwakazi people towards the needed Mthwakazi freedom.

Compiled by: Thobelisizwe Siziba
MDA Secretary for Communications and Public Relations

Source - Thobelisizwe Siziba