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Crocodile Tears for Workers

by F.A. Mageba Zapu Youth Front - Bulawayo East
01 May 2020 at 09:27hrs | Views
Today the world is commemorating the workers as a gesture to recognize their contribution to livelihood. There are indeed many words that sound good but in reality they expose some deep rooted evil capitalist tendencies of exploitation of man by man.

The truth is that workers all over the world sell labour power, their only possession in order to survive and just keep on going. Once they stop working, it is all over for them.

Many workers cannot afford holidays. Some in many countries have no access to medication while those who own companies and industries get all the medical care that exists in the world. They spend most of their time on holiday in luxury cruises as workers toil just to be able to put food on the table.

In our country the situation is worsened by the fact that politicians grabbed all what existed in the economy and made it theirs. They are abusing the judiciary, the military and the security sector to protect their loot as they continue to grab whatever is left. Industrialists just fled and those with the capital to invest are shunning the country.

One very powerful former government minister and ruling party heavy weight has amassed so much wealth from every sector of the economy hiring workers and never paying them for years. 

Courts have not helped the workers to recover their salaries with the younger ones just leaving the country to be refugees in other countries.

In some countries although exploited, workers can go on strike or march in protest. In Zimbabwe protest marching is met with live bullets from the army and the police. Organising boycotts leads to arrests, brutal beatings, kidnappings and torture to death.

One hears of billions of dollars put up to cushion the economy as it is being severely affected by covid-19 in other countries. In our country, we can only hear of the usual food distribution that is normally given to party loyalists during their meetings or as bait during election time.

So, whereas the working class all over the world suffers from exploitation, in Zimbabwe the workers add on ruthless repression, fear and threats to their lives. We therefore see nothing else except crocodile tears in this whole talk about workers today.

Source - F.A. Mageba Zapu Youth Front - Bulawayo East