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Let Us All Redefine Our Independence

by Isaac Mabuka - Zapu President
19 Apr 2020 at 07:45hrs | Views
Greetings My Fellow Zimbabweans:

Today the 18th of April like every year, we all reflect on our Great National  event, that is our Independence Day. Despite the pains of uncertainty and fear caused by the covid-19 virus, we share together the values of our nationhood. We are called Zimbabweans because in 1980, the 18th of April a foreign flag was brought down and the Zimbabwean flag was raised. This happened because as a people we massively rejected to remain second class human beings in our land. We gave up our comfort of those days and many sacrificed their lives so that we could regain our dignity. Fellow Country men and women, we must forever cherish our Independence because we brought it with our own blood and sweat

As Zapu we are part of the toiling masses in our own motherland today. We are saddened by the level of greed by some Zimbabweans who have built so much power around themselves. This has led to an unforeseen socio-economic decay beyond our imagination. We watch with shock every time when we see a deliberate departure from what we had fought for so hard with all the sacrifice possible.

Zapu calls upon every Zimbabwean to accept the reality that as it was us the people who confronted the evil racist regime of Ian Smith, it has to be us now again to confront the state sponsored corruption and all the repressive mechanisms that we see every day .We must commit ourselves to fight for social justice, genuine freedom, human rights and democracy in our country. We got our Independence but it has been painfully soiled by all evil that has culminated in desperate but very costly regime preservation tactics of rapacious people believing that our independence is their "affair".

Fellow Zimbabweans, Zapu urges all Zimbabweans to redefine our independence to make it what it has to be. 

Source - Isaac Mabuka - Zapu President