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Charamba gets it wrong - Mnangagwa's illegitimacy remains the people's key fight

by Luke Tamborinyoka
22 Jan 2020 at 11:40hrs | Views
In his seminal statement yesterday, the people's President Advocate Nelson Chamisa was unstintingly consistent, particularly regarding the party's position on the illegitimacy of Mr Mnangagwa, given the public secret that the man now misgoverning the State brazenly pilfered the people's mandate in the 2018 plebiscite.

Contrary to the rantings by one George Charamba that President Chamisa has dropped the issue of illegitimacy, the people's President yesterday said the damning electoral theft of the 2018 polls had been exposed in a report compiled by ZEC and tabled before the National Assembly by government on 27 June 2019. The ZEC report, he said, had all but confirmed Mr Mnangagwa's illegitimacy.

President Chamisa was unambiguous that the pilferage of the 2018 Presidential election will never and should never be forgotten about. In any event, topping the five fights enunciated in Mbare yesterday by the people's President is the fight for a true people's government, for comprehensive reforms and a return to legitimacy.

How could President Chamisa ever be presumed to have dropped the people's key fight? As a key signpost on Zimbabwe's pathway to hope, the MDC wants an inclusive dialogue process. This sincere, credible and bankable dialogue process must be guaranteed by Africa and the broader international community. It ought to be a truly national engagement and there is nothing unconstitutional about calling for the inclusion of the military, which in any case is discharged with the key mandate of protecting the nation State of Zimbabwe inclusive of its people, its territorial integrity and its interests. Even civil servants ought to have a seat on the envisaged national dialogue table if Zimbabwe is to have a sincere and meaningful dialogue that lifts the country from the plumbing depths of the current morass.

It is disingenuous that Charamba has today suddenly found his "legal" voice and has started pontificating about Constitutionalism, particularly with regards to the conduct of the military. This inconsistent civil servant of loose political morals, who once served as Robert Mugabe's spokesperson while working with his boss's enemies in Zanu PF, was conspicuously silent when our soldiers were abused by Zanu PF to breach section 208 of the country's Constitution which explicitly states that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces must not act in a partisan manner and must not further the interests of any political party.

Today Mnangagwa's spokesperson suddenly finds his voice and starts lecturing us on Constitutionalism, even as his boss is using his party's stolen Parliamentary majority to tear apart the very same sacred charter made and affirmed by the people themselves in a referendum!

The envisaged national dialogue is not a partisan but a national affair to do with the national interests of Zimbabwe as a nation State. It must be a truly inclusive process whose sole aim is to scaffold the nation and poise it to guarantee citizen security, democracy, economic growth and development. Calling for the military to partake in this important national process, particularly at this juncture, is not in any way inimical to the country's Constitution

On POLAD, President Chamisa spoke figuratively about being swallowed, in reference to the Crocodile, ED's totem. This was a metaphoric allusion to Mnangagwa whose surrogates make up the tapestry of this comic coterie of actors, in the literal sense of the word. President Chamisa was clear yesterday that he will not join POLAD, a Dzepfunde choir of like-minded politicians with no national following that always nods in agreement to everything that Mnangagwa says or does. There is neither diversity nor multiplicity in the POLAD platform as the numbers therein are simply a replication of Mr Mnangagwa.

The MDC is clear that this is the season of action. President Chamisa unequivocally stated yesterday that the economy has given us the signal; that Zanu PF has given us the signal and that this time something has to give, and it will give. Zimbabweans are a heroic people and they are on the verge of sonorously and constitutionally expressing themselves.

Charamba's rantings on behalf of Mnangagwa are a clear sign that the imminent seismic political shift to be driven by the people of Zimbabwe has rattled the system to the core.

The people shall govern.

Luke Tamborinyoka
MDC Deputy national Spokesperson

Source - Luke Tamborinyoka