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2020: Time to draw a line on Mnangagwa's military regime

by Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
01 Jan 2020 at 08:40hrs | Views
The level of deterioration and stinking poverty stalking ordinary citizens in ghettos and countryside due to misgovernance, corruption and maladministration by Emmerson Mnangagwa's military regime is painstaking and excruciating.

It is clear that Mnangagwa has succeeded in running down the country in a little less than two years since his 2018 grand electoral fraud.

From every facet of life, be it social, politics and economy, the military regime has failed the nation!

Using command policies, Mnangagwa has literally banned everything in this country except poverty.

It is regrettable that in this era of the 4th industrial revolution, the junta through its command elements regressively and continuously gravitate towards opposite direction as far as human rights and development is concerned.

It is only in Zimbabwe, with Mnangagwa as a catalyst whereby people die of eighteenth century diseases like typhoid and cholera as is the case in Glen View and other surrounding places.

Clearly Mnangagwa is taking us back to the painful colonial era by banning political gatherings, creative arts and music as is the case on MDC rallies, and Winky D music.

Simply put, Mnangagwa has dared the masses by banning everything revolving around our lives and like normal citizens it's time we dare to act and react!

The elasticity of our patience has surely been stretched to the limit by this military dictatorship.

United by our nervous conditions, it is time we must draw the line to say enough of this Mnangagwa nonsense!

The country has to move forward and we can not continue to be held at ransom by a senile old man who has no future in the affairs of our country.

The worst mistake this generation can make is to be de facto accomplices to Mnangagwa misrule by virtue of silence and docility.

Indeed we take heart from the notion that this country is not going to die for young people are ready to serve and save it.

It is now a generational mandate and duty to save our beloved motherland from Mnangagwa's vampire military regime


Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
 MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson

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Source - Stephen Sarkozy Chuma

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