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Zapu Europe Province holds grand meeting

by BMV
17 Feb 2017 at 06:07hrs | Views
Zapu is shifting into the right gears at the right time. This was evident in the recent Zapu Europe Inter-organs meeting which was held in the West Midlands, UK. The inter-organs meetings are held quarterly and involve all elected post holders in all structures of the party. Following an invitation by the Europe Provincial Executive Council (PEC), all the structures responded and sent their elected officials to this important meeting. The PEC chaired this meeting on this occasion and is likely to continue to chair future meetings as the guardian of this strategic province. Strategic in terms of resource mobilisation and leadership development. Strategic in terms of being the interface between the semblance of democracy in the western world and the established blatant dictatorships such as prevails in Zimbabwe today. And so one by one the dedicated servants of the people flocked to the venue of this meeting, some from as far afield as Newcastle. Such is the love for the party that these humble people have.

The National Council of Elders (nCoE) was represented by the veteran politician and exiled former magistrate, Mr Johnson Mnkandla while the ever so energetic Elder Reginald Mhlanga represented the provincial CoE. Mr Mlamuli Nkomo stood for the National People's Council  (NPC). The National Executive Council (NEC ) were represented by former Youth Front Leader, Cakes Vundla (Now National Mobilistaion Deputy Secretary-Diaspora Region) and  Arthur Molife (Now Deputy Treasurer General –Diaspora). The PEC attended en masse while the youth saw an emerging leader in Mdududuzi Ndlovu who surprised many as his is a wise head on such young shoulders. At this rate, Zapu's future is assured. The deliberations lived up to their pre-event billing as there was a fusion of ideas from the tried and tested veterans of the struggle and the youthful political activists.

The key theme was how ZAPU can ready itself for the 2018 elections. There was a general consensus that the party needs to work as a well- oiled machine. For that to happen, the various structures need to continue to work together effectively and efficiently. The organs should feed each other all the way up to the highest level and vice versa. Effective communication was cited as key in ensuring that the party messages reach all levels in a timely manner.   

"Communication is the single factor that can make or break this party", said Mr Mnkandla,  challenging the attendants to raise their game in this area as he emphasised that there is room for improvement. This led to a productive discussion on the merits and demits of social media, especially the use and misuse of the whatsapp facility. The conclusion was to ensure that party members were made aware of the difference between official communication that comes via formal party structures and information that is available on social media which needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.  Members present were appreciative of the positive role of social media in disseminating positive information in the pursuit of freedom in Zimbabwe.

Resource mobilisation was discussed at great length; not surprising considering the party has faced some serious challenges in funding its activities. The participants were keen to avoid past experiences were major party events have had to be postponed due to financial constraints. They resolved to help the party surge forward with a clear and well-funded programme. Members were presented with a blueprint from the treasury department which lays us out the plans for raising funds in preparation for the 2018 Elections in Zimbabwe. ZAPU will need a stronger financial base to help dislodge ZANU PF and bring economic and political emancipation to the beleaguered motherland. The comprehensive document requires deciphering before it can be adopted hence the Zapu Europe leaders were asked to take it away with them as ‘homework'.  This work will be taken back to the branches for serious deliberation before collating the outcomes of contributions from the ordinary members.

The Europe province will play its role in identifying and supporting aspiring candidates in this and other provinces who wish to contest  in the coming council and parliamentary elections. The aspiring candidates will have to pass a rigorous internal screening process in their local structures. Cakes Vundla was quick to point out the stages involved from being aspiring candidates to being confirmed as the final candidates to face the ballot. Only candidates willing to relocate permanently to Zimbabwe will be considered. Currently Cakes Vundla (Njube/Lobengula) and Bokani Habvane-Vundhla (Bulilima East) have thrown their hats into the ring as aspiring candidates. They will benefit from drawing from the experiences of Artwell Bhova Ndlovu and Lawrence Siziba from Europe who were on the ground contesting the 2013 elections. Valuable lessons were learnt from that bruising battle and the two comrades survived to fight another day . Europe candidates will fight their local Zapu colleagues in the primaries with the eventual winners facing selection as Coalition of Democrats (CODE) representatives.  ZAPU as the revolutionary mother party supports CODE wholeheartedly and will do all it can to ensure that the hijacker of the People's Revolution, Zanu pf is pushed over the cliff once and for all. CODE currently represents the only realistic chance of dislodging this rogue regime. The inter-organ meeting affirmed this position. "With the limited resources at our disposal, we will throw in whatever we can spare to ensure our candidates fare well in the elections and deliver council and parliamentary seats " added the vibrant ZAWU Chairlady, Sipho Sibanda who was accompanied by the Secretary for Welfare, Education and Health, Noma Tollo from Belfast. Similar sentiments were echoed even more strongly by a passionate Provincial Secretary for Resource Mobilisation, Mr S. Ndlovu.

It was a feast of rousing speech after rousing speech in true revolutionary spirit. We eagerly await the next inter-organs meeting when the reports about progress made will be presented. While others are busy scheming about factionalism, Zapu is quietly rebuilding its bases from which it will launch a successful campaign for the do or die 2018 elections. Next on the agenda is the Europe provincial AGM to be held in the first week of April 2017 in Newcastle. With ZAPU firing from all cylinders at home and abroad, this is one AGM not to miss.

Source - BMV