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We 'know how to rig elections and take power' boost Zim PF - evils we want uprooted

by Wilbert Mukori
31 Jul 2016 at 17:36hrs | Views
In her first interview since the registering of her Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) party, Joice Mujuru confirmed what many had known all along – that she was a lazy and corrupt simpleton who was promoted way above her level of competence with no clue what was going on under her own nose! She was asked by the British Sunday Times what she knew about the July 2013 rigged elections.

"I never saw the rigging… I am sure it was a very small clique that was doing it," she answered.

She was telling the truth, she saw the vote rigging but she failed to comprehend what was going on much less how it was done. One has only to look at how easily Mugabe bamboozled her and 150 other senior Zanu PF leaders and booted them out of the party hardly a year after the rigged national elections. Then Mai Mujuru and her Zim PF friends were as dumbfounded as Tsvangirai and his MDC friends had been after the July 2013 elections - both could see they had been cheated but had no clue how!  

Zim PF National spokesman, Jealousy Mawarire, is now tell us that Zim PF leaders KNOW how Mugabe rigged the last elections and, better still, will use the knowledge to won the coming 2018 elections.

"We have people with vast experience in our camp who are good at overhauling things; who have killed people and seen how elections were manipulated," he said.

"That is why we are saying - why don't you come join us now so we work together as a mass force so we work together, because we know how an election is won."

Of course Mawarire is lying, Mujuru, Mutasa and the rest in ZimPF have no clue how Mugabe and the "small clique" have rigged past elections; all the years they were in the party and office they were just passengers. Anyone who joins ZimPF in the hope that the party "knows" anything of substance is an idiot; they have to be to be conned by a simpleton like Mujuru!

"Do not worry if you vote for us, we know how power is taken. We have brigadier-generals on our side," added Mawarire.

"You could attack them for what they did during the war and at other times, but when it comes to negotiating power because here people have a tendency of saying soldiers are the ones who will give troubles whenever Zanu PF has been defeated in an election but we have our own soldiers.

"They will simply order their mates to retire to the homesteads."

Well that should knock the stuffing out of anyone had harboured the foolish notion that Mai Mujuru and her Zim PF had their Damascene transformative moment turning them from their incompetent, corrupt and dictatorial Zanu PF mentality to become sane people with at least some semblance of common sense of freedom, human rights and justice. Zim PF are advocating rigging elections, using the army to impose a government on the nation, etc.; the very things Mugabe has been doing; the very things the nation has been fighting to end all those years!

Mai Mujuru is a simpleton and she has no clue why the country is in this political and economic mess much less know how to fix it. The only thing she has understood is her being booted out of Zanu PF and she is fighting Mugabe to put that right. She is fighting to end Mugabe's dictatorial rule but only to replace it with one made in her own image!

We are fighting not just to remove the present dictator but to uproot and burn the corrupt and tyrannical dictatorial system of government and replace it with a healthy and functional democratic system where leaders are elected by the people in free, fair and credible elections.

It will be sheer folly to support ZimPF and elect them back into power only to cross-sword with them immediately as she fights to consolidate her hold on power by imposing her Zim PF dictatorship whilst we demand the dismantling of the dictatorship by implementing all the democratic reforms.

Source - Wilbert Mukori