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Jailbreaker re-arrested after attempted rape

by Walter Nyamukondiwa
11 Jul 2016 at 06:54hrs | Views
A Chinhoyi prison inmate who escaped last week while carrying out car wash duties has been arrested while attempting to rape a woman at a farm in Alaska.

Never Jonga, who was scheduled for release on July 21, changed into civilian clothes before escaping from Chinhoyi prison last week.

His luck ran out when he was caught after stealing some goods and later attempting to rape a farm worker. Alert residents at the farm apprehended Jonga before one of them contacted a prison officer to verify his identity.

"People apprehended him thinking that he was just an ordinary thief but one of them who once worked at the Prison Farm suspected that he could be someone running away from justice and contacted his friend to check on his identity," said a source.

Jonga was immediately taken to the police. He has since appeared before Chinhoyi magistrate Miss Brenda Dhliwayo facing charges of escaping from lawful custody. Miss Dhliwayo found him guilty before sentencing him to 12 months in prison.

Jonga will serve an effective nine months in prison after the magistrate suspended three months on condition that he does not commit a similar offence in the next five years.

In aggravation, prosecutor Mr Rummage Isaac said Jonga was facing a serious offence which required a custodial sentence.

Jonga left the gallery stunned when he told the court that he escaped prison so that he could visit a sex worker in Hunyani suburb.

However, magistrate Dhliwayo said Jonga's response, which he deemed to be mitigatory, actually showed that he was unremorseful.

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Source - the herald

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