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Dawning soon! Zimbabweans have turned Negativity into Positivity

by Ryton Dzimiri
17 Jul 2014 at 11:19hrs | Views

Take pride to be Zimbabwean oh Dear Great people! Be proud to be part of a Nation that continues to prove itself amongst great Nations of the World. Raise your self-esteem where ever you are and how ever low you feel if you are Zimbabwean. We are indeed a great Nation that has made so much history out of unique political challenges of centuries.

Yes, we may have corrosive Zanu stuck on our shoulders and MDC composing new songs every day, Zapu  preaching corrections every month and the Rhodesian Front talking nostalgia hourly. But, altogether, we have set a Great Country on the best economic footing for future generations.

(1) Education

Zimbabwe is one of the most educated countries on the African Continent and thank you Rhodesia for introducing the culture of learning on our Great Country. The United Nations has repetitively and correctly rated Zimbabweans as the best educated people in Africa. This has made us highly marketable where ever we go whatever we do at home and abroad.

Walk tall and proud to be a Zimbabwean, you are not as simple as the World Judges you!

The most amazing thing about Zimbabweans is that even someone with Zimbabwean primary education can make a meaningful name internationally. We are naturally gifted in adapting, learning, resilience, intelligence and the science of compatibility in any situations anywhere we go around the World.

Rhodesians and indeed the British can comfortably take credit for making us inherit this culture. They forcibly sodomised our country for a century turning Rhodesia into their second Britain while slowly introducing us to English culture of doing things for a century at gun point.

We learnt to learn and to use education to correct every aspect of life. Rhodesian Education taught us to fight Rhodesian discrimination and Rhodesian education taught us to refuse to be valued as less than human at home and abroad.

Rhodesian- introduced education taught us to learn to live anywhere in the World and to demand to be treated as human beings at home and abroad.

Only a fool will deny the fact that we gained something very positive from Rhodesians which is a lifelong essential tool. Zimbabweans are doing well internationally and they are insuppressible. They fight injustice and are able to create a home where ever they go in the World with ease. Zimbabweans are eloquent, fearless, objective, reliable, malleable. They are able to pretend where pretention is beneficial. Like the English, Zimbabweans know when to talk and what to talk. Generally, Zimbabweans are friendly and calculative people just like their British mentors. Zimbabweans are capable to tell you what you want to hear for a gain just like their Colonial mentors. 

We speak like our former British Masters, we plan like the English, we protest like the English, we engage like the British, we eat like Rhodesians, we pray like Ian Smith, we dress like Cecil John Rhodes, we travel like Robert Moffart, we Govern like Tony Blair, we object like David Cameroon, we oppose like Edd Milliband, we are patriotic like the BNP, we reject like Nigel Farage, we freeze asserts like the British Government, we pretend like Gordon Brown, we speak like Nick Glegg, we punch like John Prescott, we tighten lips like Terressa May.

Over a century since 1894, the British have worked hard to force us to become British and we have graduated. Thank You Rhodesia, thus why we are orginised unlike weak and confused Somalia. We are British in all essence.

Thank you Rhodesia!  

(2) Liberation

Change is a time dependant function and the varieties of change are so many to mention. If Rhodesians had not invaded us in 1894, let's be honest, what would we be? When our current leaders talk about liberation, they pretend to have forgotten that the first ever Television Station in Africa was in Rhodesia. South Africans saw a Television set for the first time in Rhodesia.

The British conquered our King Lobengula in 1894. By 1914, just ten years after their take over, we were hosting the second best railway network in Africa second from South Africa. By 1924, twenty years after the Rhodesian take over, we were the best country in Africa and even better than most European Countries.

The mistake the Rhodesians did was to place themselves above the natives. If they had treated us equally, Rhodesia would be Britain even on this day. Rhodesians underestimated the capability of a Zimbabwean blackman, a mistake which continues to scourge Europeans even on this day. They look at our different facial looks and conclude that nothing can possibly come from a black face which, in their eyes, naturally looks like there is no blood flowing on a black face.

Our fathers endured British oppression in Zimbabwe while patiently and strategically learning the science of organizing a resounding fight back.

By 1956, Zapu taught Zimbabwe to fight.

Mugabes joined in later in 1960 importing their poisonous concoction of tribalism which saw them win power in 1980.

Thank you Zapu for conscientising   our people to use British education to fight British Colonialism for the human dignity of a black man in his own country.

Zapu can comfortably take credit for our liberation from colonialism. Joshua Nkomo learnt and taught a black man to learn and use British education as a tool of eternal liberation from any form of abuse.

Nkomo taught us to demand full human rights since we are not less that any creature which claims to be human upon the face of this Earth. Thank you Zapu!   

(3) Distribution of Poverty and Wealth

Zapu took time to educate people who had been defeated and oppressed by Colonialists for more than sixty years. Nkomo's ability to persuade and motivate an oppressed black person to feel valued and arise, changed Zimbabwe for ever.

He had just finished his Degree in Fort Hare and used his education to uplift the Nation. It was later in 1963 that Zanu saw a window to exploit the people on tribal grounds, a trait President Mugabe had learnt in Ghana where Nkwame Nkruma was deposed on those grounds.

The diversionist Zanu Policy worked well for President Mugabe who arose as the election winner in 1980.

As I mentioned earlier, change is a time dependant function that has got so many varieties. In 1980, 60% Zimbabweans voted on the bias of tribe. By year 2000, 50% had learnt Joshua Nkomo's teachings that tribe is not the right criteria to choose a leader.

The dream of tribe died in year 2005 as 70% of the Shona had noticed that President Mugabe's rule was only good for the Zezuru tribe and no one else.

This shift of things caused President Mugabe to panic and try his best to benefit everyone. But, there was no money to pump into the none-Zezuru Zimbabweans. He decided to sacrifice White Farmlands, which was the only simplest and available thing to give everyone.

Re-distribution of wealth was born. Remember, I said change is slow, unknown  and sometimes accidental and has many facets.

As from year 2000, Zimbabweans were divided. The disgruntled Karanga and some Ndebele who had gained nothing from a Zezuru biased Zimbabwe in twenty years of independence started to show something tangible in the form of free farm-land. People went into farms but with no access to money to till it.

The MDC was born.

Thank you Zanu for accidentally inventing the re-distribution of wealth in Zimbabwe!

It was unfair from 1894 that black people's land was expropriated and given to Whites. It does not happen in Britain where Rhodesians came from. Joshua Nkomo taught us to use education to get back our pride and Mugabe delivered land.

Thank you for re-distribution of wealth President Mugabe. I can now go and buy a house in Khumalo Suburbs in Bulawayo if I have my money. This was not possible in 1972. The colour of my own God-given skin would make it impossible for me to buy a house of my choice in my own country and own continent. I was not allowed to catch a plane and land in UK in 1972. The Black skin blackmailed me before a protracted fight against Colonialism. 

(3) International engagement.

In 1983 the Founder of the Liberation struggle in Zimbabwe Dr Joshua Nkomo was forced by Zanu madness to flee from his country of birth which he had mentored to free itself from Colonialism.

 -This statement carries a prison sentence in Zimbabwe but it is a true statement-; President Mugabe, a late comer in the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe turned his guns against Joshua Nkomo and his Zapu party, the founder of the liberation struggle, soon after  1980 independence, resulting in the death of 30 000 Zapu members.

Joshua Nkomo fled to England in that year for his dear life. Once in England, Joshua Nkomo, possessed by  the spirit of Prophesy, wroteRobert Mugabe a long letter trying to show a power intoxicated incumbent leader that tribalism can be a spirit of choice in Ghana but it's not welcomed in Zimbabwe.

In one of the last paragraphs of his letter, Joshua Nkomo  prophetically wrote  "Mr Prime minister, the people of Zimbabwe are afraid that one day, the bayonet knives that you are using to kill people of Ndebele origin will be used in the future to kill the Shona people of Karanga origin for the sin of not being  Zezuru"

In that year, Morgan Tsvangirai, a Zanu devout Karanga, was running all over the place, without a shirt, forcing Zimbabweans to sing Zanu songs denigrating Joshua Nkomo as "Dumbuguru". Morgan Tsvangirai had voted in 1980 on the basis of Mugabe invented of tribalism "Hatingambotongwe neziMuNdevere."

Tsvangirai did not see life in the same way Joshua Nkomo saw it.  Nkomo had warned that tribalism knows no boundaries and cannot be used as a criterion to choose a leader in a diverse and civilised Zimbabwe.

Joshua Nkomo was forced into unity with Zanu in 1987 and in July 1999, he died of natural causes. Soon after his burial, his London Prophesy materialised  and Morgan Tsvangirai, a Shona of Karanga origin, noticed that Zimbabwe seemed to see no one but just the Zezuru for every good thing in the country.

Zvobgo the Karanga had seen that rot earlier. Edgar Tekere who was once a top front Shona man to hunt and torture Ndebeles had himself been shown by the Zezurus where exactly the Manyika limit should end. Tekere learnt Nkomo's lesson very late in 1989. Although he was Shona, Tekere was not quite a Zezuru. That is the law of tribalism, it narrows down from the macro to the micro where only a few fit in. Tekere, since 1961 thought his Shona ticket fits in the Macro Shona as well as in the micro. The ancient detested sieve of tribalism does not encompass everyone. A Manyika is a Shona but because one can only be one micro tribe, it is not President Mugabe's fault that he was born Macro-Shona of Micro-Zezuru. The ancient and unwanted boundaries of tribe therefore dictate that the tribe of the leader is the micro tribe that matters.

The moment you introduce tribalism in any system, that is the moment the whole system begins to rot. Tribalism is an evil that is sustained by killings, hate, marginalisation, corruption and nepotism. This automatic ancient human fallacy has never brought anything positive at any time in history anywhere in the World. Tribalism is a tool of the ignorant but was used by the most educated in 1980 and is sustained up till this day. Today you hear of the next successor of President Zezuru is either Zezuru Sekeramai or Zezuru Mujuru.  Karanga Mnangagwa or Rozvi Jonathan Moyo should be dealt with severely by President Zezuru before he dies.

The "Hatingambotongwe neZimuNdevere" which was celebrated by Mugabe, Tekere, Mnangagwa, Mujuru in 1963 has taken the 1983 prophetic version of  Joshua Nkomo and now to read; "hatingambotongwe neMakaranga anobva kunzara kwaChivi"


The Freedom loving children of Zimbabwe formed the MDC in 1999, having realised that one can never become a Zezuru overnight to enjoy the opportunities offered by our struggling country. This organisation was formed clean, without tribe. It was formed by mostly the Manyika, Ndebele and Karanga who were suffering the brunt of poverty while new roads were resurfaced and new schools built and electrified and computerised in Zezuru homelands. MDC  had a lot of Zezuru people who also in the satanic criterion of tribe did not fully fit into the micro section of elite Zezuru.

Even Mai Mujuru is narrowed to some point by the criterion of tribe this time because of her geographical position from Mr Mugabe's homeland which is the centre of evil gravitation . Tribalism is satanic. You can only fit so much. This writer fits into the Zanu tribalism because of Shona roots but can't go any further because of Karanga scourge. Thus why tribalism should be abolished at first suspicion.

Tsvangirai was elected to lead the MDC in 1999, by 2005, the demon of tribalism had visited him. Nothing that came from the mouth of a Ndebele was accepted in Tsvangirais 2000 MDC causing a 2005 spilt. Tribalism is a slow poison in a business, in politics, at school and even in the family. Anyone who can't rise above the demon of tribalism digs the grave of his organisation.

Tsvangirai was advised that he could easily become the President of Zimbabwe by 2008 without the input of "regionalists". He called himself a National figure with International backing. He simply forgot that although Obama has 135 million people under his thumb, none of them would vote in a Zimbabwean election. A poor MaSibanda from Nswazi is more valuable to Tsvangirai's key to statehouse that 135 million cheering Americans.

Change comes in many forms, slowly and sometimes from an unintended and unsuspected corner. Change encroached into the matrix of things. Although Tsvangirai has proven more than five times that he is a lame duck who will never rule Zimbabwe, he has helped oppressed Zimbabweans gain international sympathy.

International sympathy came through technology via the MDC. MDC took pictures of dead bodies who were murdered by Zanu PF and posted them to the World to see the rot of Zezuru brutal leadership.  The World saw burnt bodies and amputated limbs, an opportunity Zapu did not have in the 1983 Ndebele massacre. The World took action and Mugabe saw the buttocks of old and Black Zimbabwean Zanu-tortured women from CNN and BBC. Mugabe changed a little bit. Today Zimbabwean Police fear a mobile phone with a camera and they know the power of MDC and technology.

MDC connected Zimbabwe with the wider World and Zimbabwean refugees have been granted asylum oversees and are now massively educated and powerful.

We have a generation of Zimbabweans born overseas who can't speak Shona or Ndebele even when you use force. Some of us have lived 24 years overseas and still yearning to go back home one day. All the children who were born by Zimbabweans that I know in England in the past 15 years can't converse in Ndebele or Shona. In South Africa its worse, more than a million children since 1984. Most have never set a foot in Zimbabwe and some will never.

But, as a Nation, we gained from the disadvantage of political rot in our country. Former Zimbabwe-Musika Tomato vendors now have Engineering Degrees in the United Kingdom which is good for the future of a tribalist-free  post-Mugabe Zimbabwe.

Thank You Morgan Gumbura Tsvangirai for producing an unintended positivity which will forever sustain Zimbabwe's competitiveness amongst Nations of the World in the future. Thank you Britain for educating us!

We aim to obey our honest and unique leader Dr Joshua Mqhabuko Nkomo to use British Education to advance our people and make them compete with the World once the authors of tribalism have been called by the creator! 

(4) Collective benefit

In all this mountain of confusion and negativity, the rot of Zimbabwean politics since year 1815 has taught each and every Zimbabwean that no one can make it alone. The Mbire, of which I am, tried to make it alone between year AD 900 and 1780, the Ndebele beat us and proved that we are not great.

The Khumalos tried to make it alone in 1830, but the English proved them wrong in 1896.

The English felt that they were greater than real between 1896 and 1980, but Zapu and Zanu proved them very wrong , today they understand that we are better and stronger as well as wealthier together.

Our current problem today is one that was not supposed to happen in an educated country like Zimbabwe. Mugabe, Ndabaningi Sithole and Tekere invented tribal divisions in 1963 thinking that they would gain. Tribalism is not sustainable and it has never created anything positive. We are living in a Zezuru dominated country because of the 1963 Zanu mistakes of adopting tribalism. Those who have made so much wealth from the benefits of tribalism have become too strong so much that democracy can never shake them. Only another form of self-consuming tribalism will open our eyes even wider especially after the death of the leader.

The Karanga will claim to be a majority and the Zezuru appendaged by the Manyika will not accept it. Hell will break loose and only then will we see that tribalism was wrong from the day of it's inception in 1963. The Karanga will not accept a Zezuru leader after another Zezuru. Sekeramai or Mujuru will never manage to feed this cracking tribal machine. Thus why Karanga  Mnangagwa is siding with Ndebele Jonathan Moyo. Evil will swallow evil and a pure, well informed diversified Zimbabwe will be born.

By then all Zimbabweans in Diaspora and their off-springs will pump mega money on Zimbabwean economy and come back home bringing new expertise in all sectors.

(5) Potential

Zimbabwe is a rich country which needs ethical administrators, competent accountants, qualified Engineers and inventors, World class Doctors, World renounced Lawyers and all the best of Zimbabwe which is enjoyed by countries where MDC dumped asylum seekers.

In Britain, we live with our former Rhodesian White Community who now fully understand that it was a mistake from day one in 1890 for Rhodes to take blacks for granted. These White Rhodesians are operated on by competent Black Zimbabwean Doctors here in British top Hospitals. We respect each other and talk about all our past mistakes from both sides and in that spirit, a new-start is eminent. We need all our Zimbabweans to prepare to end up in a free, competent and prosperous Zimbabwe in a few years to come.

The Zezuru and the Ndebele who have been re-cultured here in Britain in the past 15 years love each other and support each other and talk about our bad, murderous and divisive leaders back home as a demon waiting to swallow another demon for our own salvation.

Our country has every World-sought mineral and rich agricultural soils that will take us a few months to collectively reconstruct into use once the divisive devil is buried.  

(6) Lifelong lessons

Nelson Mandela said Never!, Never!, Never shall one man be allowed to dominate another in our country.

We are a blessed Nation which has lost so much money, so much lives, so much opportunities in so many ways for so many years because we failed to understand that on Zimbabwean soil, no one is greater than the other. This idea of shipping Shona teachers to take Ndebele Jobs and fail Ndebele children in Matebeleland is a direct result of a demon which needs no one to exorcize but the act of God.

No Zimbabwean in their sane minds will support such a dirty sodomy by Zezuru thinkers. I am Shona and I do not want to go back home to a Zimbabwe which thinks like that. 

(7) Comparison with other Nations

If every Zimbabwean is given a clean sight by God the creator to see the source of our problems, in no time we will submerge better than South Africa. South Africa still needs to go back into an armed conflict to force an armed Boer to cede land and share wealth with a poor black man. At that time, a Zimbabwean White and Black man will be kissing and making love happily in a land where colonial imbalances have now been completely dealt with.

It will be time for boom soon. The economic war is the most difficult war to engage in and Zimbabwe has completed that. Its time to kiss and get prosperous in Zimbabwe.

A Ndebele leader will prove to be best after Mugabe's death but it's not going to be automatic. The Zezuru and Karanga will fight first and undo what they did in their tribal withdrawal from United Zapu in 1963.

(9) Diversity

Zimbabwe will see and value diversity like never before. All Nations of the World will see our peace and our unity as a Nation and scramble to invest in our wonderful rich and educated country. Our prisons will be upgraded and turned into rehabilitation rather than punishing centres. We will need to build more prisons to house those among us who will exhibit signs of carrying the Mugabe tribalism traits. There is no cure for tribalism and corruption except prison. If a Company is found to be employing all Shona people without any sign of a Venda and Ndebele, the directors will be needing our rehabilitating prisons. 

(10) Audit, Introspection and National Pride.

Overally, let's take pride to be Zimbabweans. Pride that we survived the raging forests along the Nile river together and supporting each other since thousands of years ago. We warmed each other's bodies in the cold nights and without houses and blankets thousands of years ago. We fought, won and lost wars and survived till this day where so many failed.

We are great!

It's not easy to survive all those threats. We must be proud that most of us have seen that although we may speak different languages and have different skin colours, but, for us to be great, we ought to derive our strength from the solemn fact that WE ARE Zimbabweans!

We have had enough lessons to see things what divides us and we need to be the leaders of the kind of change that befits us. We have a lovely rich country which, when well-managed, can make us one of the greatest in the World.

Let us learn to use our eyes for seeing things that bring us poverty. Never again on our soil should we let a few armed and aimless people drive our country into mayhem. Never again should we sustain leaders who are not accountable to the people of the great country of Zimbabwe. Never again should we pump anyone with autonomy. Never again should we breed and animal which thinks it is bigger than Zimbabwe. Never again shall a Zimbabwean military and police be left to be partisan. Never again shall one tribe dominate another so much as to take all jobs from poor locals. Never again should anyone of us be allowed to keep the land he cannot sustain gainfully. Never again should any Zimbabwean be exported as a refugee on foreign soils. Never again should we receive aid from hostile countries who will worsen our problems. Never again shall we as a Nation donate our mineral wealth while our children starve. Never again shall we employ a civil servant who has no respect for a Zimbabwean. Never again shall, on Zimbabwean sacrosanct soil a Policeman take a bribe. Never again shall our people be made to queue for identity documents. Never again shall the voting system be made in an opaque way. Never again shall any leader be allowed to lead Zimbabwe for more than two terms. Never again shall a single Zimbabwean sleep hungry while thieving Ministers are buying sky scrapers. Never again shall a single Zimbabwean school child fail to attend class due to shortage of school fees while leaders spend millions on daily travel. Never again shall any Zimbabwean   leader be allowed to access health from outside the boarders of Zimbabwe.

Be proud to be Zimbabwean!  A free Zimbabwe starts with you! Think about the way your Government treats your neighbour even when you are being treated well.  A happy Zimbabwe is not one where only "I" must be prosperous.  I want to smile together with my neighbour in OUR FAIRLY RUN ZIMBABWE!

Aluta Continua!

Source - Ryton Dzimiri