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Mugabe: Stop leasing land to white former farmers!

by Byo24
16 Dec 2010 at 21:14hrs | Views
President Robert Mugabe  yesterday slammed indigenous farmers  who have been leasing land to white former commercial farmers. The president accused the farmers of reversing the historic land reform programme.

The President made the remarks following recent revelations by local press that some farmers in Mashonaland West Province were leasing their farms to white former farmers whose land had been acquired to resettle the landless majority.

Mugabe challenged beneficiaries of the land reform programme to put the land to maximum use by themselves.

"Regrettably, this feeling of inadequacy and duplicity in some of our people threatens even the very programmes that Zanu-PF put together for their economic empowerment. Some abuses of the resettlement exercise stand as testimony to this short-sightedness," he said.

Added the Zanu-PF First Secretary: "Where some people have accessed the means of production, a certain paralysis afflicts them and leads them into underhand deals with the same white man who, yesterday, refused to share a resource that should be enjoyed by all the country's citizens.

It is grossly disturbing to learn of the extent to which some of our people have gone towards literally giving back the land to white farmers, all for a pittance of the farm profits at the end of the season."

President Mugabe warned such behaviour should end forthwith.

"Why not work towards reaping the entire profits for one's family? When will this slavish regard, slavish mentality of hero worshiping the white man, our coloniser just yesterday, end, in order to allow our people to exercise and realise their full potential? That slavish mentality should end," he said.

Mugabe stressed that it was within Zanu-PF's objectives to empower the  people Zimbabwe through ownership of the country's vast resources.

He challenged Zimbabweans to explore areas of economic empowerment.

"Not too long ago, on a Tuesday after our weekly Cabinet meetings, I decided to look through applications for exclusive prospecting orders that had recently been brought for my consideration by the Minister of Mines and Mining Development (Obert Mpofu).

"I decided to meet the applicants, if only to understand their mentality and the resources they would commit to their chosen field. There were whites who had just returned from the cold climates of European countries, whites who told me about the differences in geology of Tuli, Lupane, Bubi, Chimanimani and other places. I wondered why they wanted to go into coal, that dark, dusty mineral, until they indicated - without hesitation - that for the next 10 years coal is where all the money will be. I asked myself how many of our own people have this knowledge?

"Indeed, how many of our indigenous entrepreneurs are willing to venture into such enterprises?" President Mugabe said.

He said Zanu-PF wanted indigenous Zimbabweans to possess such knowledge and to be ready to make a positive difference in the country's economy.

"It is neither possible nor desirable for Government to keep spoon feeding you on the areas you should direct your economic endeavours," President Mugabe said.

He challenged Zimbabweans to pronounce without fear or hesitation ownership of their God-given resources in line with the theme of this year's National People's Conference – "Total Control of Our Resources through Indigenisation and Empowerment."

President Mugabe said this year's theme underlined the party's appreciation of its position regarding the ownership of the country's resources.

"The resources are ours. Geology, history and the liberation struggle made it a reality that these resources are ours. But are we ourselves? Resources may be ours but do you believe in yourself truly as you should be?" he said.

Mugabe said people who still believed in the white man's supremacy were not truly independent within themselves.

On the inclusive Government, he said it was necessary for Zanu-PF to review its participation in the SADC brokered political arrangement.

"What is galling is the discovery or perhaps, confirmation, that the people we thought were our partners in running the country, were most of the time, serving other masters who are not the people of this country.

"This is why even as we tried to call for a united and uncompromising stance against sanctions, we could not get the level of commitment we hoped for," he said.

President Mugabe, however, noted that the life span of the inclusive Government was fast ending and urged Zanu-PF to vigorously prepare for elections.

"This is where we want to find the party ready for campaigns, ready for elections, so that we can, once more, show that Zanu-PF is here to stay," he said.

President Mugabe also urged Zanu-PF to be "awake, determined and vigilant" as the enemy was forever orchestrating the downfall of the revolutionary party.

He said attempts by the enemy to destroy Zanu-PF were so blatant to such an extent that even Western ambassadors were organising against the party and openly supporting the opposition in full violation of the United Nations Charter on non interference in the domestic affairs of another country.

"Even those who dabble in the business of leaking information find it difficult to remove or disconnect Zanu-PF from the masses, the brave and valiant masses who carried us through the liberation struggle, supported us in the establishment of our new country and have since stood by us on every building-block of the country," Mugabe said.

On WikiLeaks he said: "For those who take time to learn, it is our hope that the WikiLeaks exposures will by now have shown them the evil and dangerous nature of the policies being followed by our former colonisers and their partners."

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Source - Byo24

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