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MDC-Alliance; UPND plot against ruling parties in Africa exposed

by Mandla Ndlovu
07 Sep 2021 at 09:37hrs | Views
The opposition MDC-Alliance and the recently elected UPND of Zambia, have reportedly developed a plan to annihilate all long-standing ruling parties, especially former Liberation Movements in Africa by 2030 a senior MDC Alliance official from Harare who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity said.

According to the official, the MDC-Alliance and its Zambian counterpart will initially roll out the project in East and Southern Africa.

The two parties are said to have already established links with opposition groups in Uganda, Egypt, Nigeria, Cameroon, Rwanda, and Burundi.

The official revealed that elections in 11 countries have so far been identified as providing opportunities for the project to be implemented.

These are:

Serial       Country           Ruling Party                               Year of election
1             Angola             MPLA                                              2022

2             Lesotho           All Basotho Convention                  2022

3             Kenya             Jubilee Party Kenya                         2022

4             Zimbabwe         Zanu-PF                                         2023

5             Nigeria              All Progressive Congress               2023

6           South Africa        ANC                                                2024

7            Botswana           Botswana Democratic Party            2024

8           Namibia               SWAPO                                           2024

9           Mozambique       FRELIMO                                        2024

10         Tanzania              Chama Cha Mapinduzi                   2025

11            Uganda                 National Resistance                    2024
"In this regard, the outcomes of the elections in Angola, Lesotho and Kenya would significantly shift the region and continent towards the MDC-Alliance and help isolate the Zimbabwean Government. The 2023 election in Zimbabwe, it is hoped, would result in the defeat of Zanu-PF which is considered to be a pivotal former liberation movement. This would render the ANC, the Botswana Democratic Party, FRELIMO and Chama Cha Mapinduzi more vulnerable." Said the official.

He further highlighted that if the first phase of the project succeeds in East and Southern Africa, the next target would be the West and North Africa.

"The removal of old parties would usher in a unified, liberal and pro-Western Africa. The project has the solid support of developed democracies that want to reverse Chinese and Russian influence in Africa."

Source - Byo24News