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Mdc-Alliance and United Party for National Development cooperating against the Zimbabwean government

by Staff Reporter
01 Sep 2021 at 16:34hrs | Views
The MDC-Alliance has proclaimed that its relations with the United Parties for National Development (UPND) have scaled new heights following the latter's win in Zambia's 12th of August 2021 elections. A high ranking official of the opposition party boasted that a special bond had existed between the parties before the Zambian elections and that the MDC-Alliance received special invitation to grace President Hichilema's inauguration ahead of other parties within the SADC region. The source declared that the UPND and the MDC-Alliance (CCC) would use this alliance to dislodge the Government of Zimbabwe and other former Liberation Movements from power.

The source, who is a member of the MDC-Alliance National Executive Committee, bragged that UPND had initially wanted to invite Heads of State and Government, the MDC-Alliance and South African opposition stalwart, Mmusi Maimane only to the inauguration of President Hichilema but the idea was shelved after the realisation that there could invite backlash from Zimbabwe and South Africa and demoralise other liberal opposition parties. The MDC-Alliance senior leader said that the two parties had, therefore, decided to invite as many opposition leaders as possible to mask the special alliance.

"President Hichilema initially wanted President Chamisa, Maimane and Tendai Biti and their entourages to be the only opposition guests at the event. He was however advised against doing so for diplomatic reasons", said the source.

The high ranking MDC-Alliance official went on to state that, their party played a pivotal role in ensuring that UPND wins the Zambian elections. "Yes, MDC-Alliance was very instrumental in aiding UPND craft its election strategy, manifesto and election roadmap. The victory was made possible through assistance offered by the biggest party in Zimbabwe", the source said. "Countless meetings were held between the two parties with MDC-Alliance delegations visiting Zambia whilst virtual meetings were also frequently held. This explains why President Chamisa was accorded preferential treatment ahead of everyone else. Even his hotel accommodation was the best, much better than what Mnangagwa or even Ramaphosa were given".

Mr CHAMISA recently boasted on Twitter that he received better courtesies than all the invited Heads of State including Presidents Mnangagwa, Cyril Ramaphosa and Lazarus Chakwera. He added that this was clear testimony of the fraternal relations that existed between the two parties.

Another source within the MDC-Alliance youth wing told this publication that besides the special treatment given to Mr Chamisa, the UPND promised to assist the MDC-A party with financial, technical and diplomatic support to mobilise support and "topple ZANU PF".

"As clearly articulated by President Chamisa, winds of change will definitely sweep through Zimbabwe come 2023. Already, the party is working with UPND youth leader, Joseph Kalimbwe who is our point person" said the source. "On the sidelines of President Hichilema's inauguration, President Chamisa and Mr Tendai Biti engaged Mr Kalimbwe who agreed to work with Mr Gift Ostallos Siziba and Ms Gladys Hlatshwayo."  According to the source, Mr Kalimbwe has already started mobilising the Zimbabwean youth to vote for the MDC-Alliance. Writing on his Twitter handle, Mr Kalimbwe recently urged Zimbabweans to register to vote in 2023 for what he called ‘economic freedom'. "Economic freedom is coming in the neighbourhood. Register for 2023!!!", tweeted Kalimbwe using his handle, @joseph_kalimbwe. MDC-Alliance youth leader, Mr Ostallos Siziba has since cultivated good relations and personal friendship with Mr Kalimbwe. Mr Siziba tweeted on his handle "Powerful submissions by my brother @joseph_kalimbwe on elections as a process not an event".

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