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Vote overwhelmingly to counter rigging

by Leonard Koni
28 Apr 2021 at 15:34hrs | Views
The 2023 election is going to be the most interesting do or die battle for both the main two political rival parties Zanu PF and MDC-Alliance who are playing their cards right on their chests.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa's plot to decimate one of his strongest opponent Nelson Chamisa through the creation of his surrogate opposition party led by Douglas Mwonzora is hitting a brickwall and wobbling everyday.

The parading of opposition members who defected to the ruling party and the extended olive branch to members of G40 and Gamatox who were booted out during the November 2017 coup is just a political gimmick to hoodwink people that all is well in Zanu PF.

Those who have defected to Zanu PF the likes of Lilian Timveous, Blessing Chebundo and Obert Gutu just to mention a few do not even pose a threat to MDC-Alliance because they have since been jettisoned by the electorate and labelled sellouts.

Douglas Mwonzora of MDC is just like man who is hanging around with a beautiful girl without speaking his intentions and will end up fetching water for guests at her wedding.

Of course the military led government is always using a sjambok and dangling a carrot to lure members to join the ruling party ahead of 2023 plebscite. Zanu PF is not confident of winning the 2023 election due to poor economic performance and failure to deal with corruption.

I can see just a few desperate political career members of G40 going back to the ruling party Those who felt that they have been outdone by team Lacoste in 2017.

Zanu PF led government is using these defections as a way of diverting people's attention from real pressing issues such as poor economic performances.

Since the coup President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government is struggling to solve the economic and political jigsaw. Prices of basic commodities are now beyond the reach of many ordinary persons. His 2018 electoral promises have not yielded any results. He has become so much isolated with erstwhile friends.

He has dismally failed on corruption and resuscitating the economy and time is running away.

He thought by unconstitutional removing the late Mugabe, he was going to be better than him. Those who entrusted him with political power were the greatest betrayal of the people's struggle at large and sold him a russ.

Following his controversial win in August 2018, there were explosion of violence in Harare followed by security force members, who killed innocent civilians.

Buoyed by the army's support, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission,  members of Central Intelligence and the Judiciary Mnangagwa was declared a winner and since then the legitimacy issue is still haunting him as the opposition is still refusing that he won the election.

This is why the opposition is pushing for electoral reforms so that the playing field is even. However it looks like reforms are not going to be implemented soon and there is likelihood that we shall be going for 2023 harmonised elections without them.

The only option left for the opposition is to put lock nuts and tighten screws on any rigging mechinations through deployment of polling agents at every polling station and mobilisation of their voters to vote overwhelmingly and counter rigging.

Opposition leader of MDC-Alliance Nelson Chamisa still have a chance and the edge to finish off Mnangagwa as he is getting more support especially from the young people and virgin voters who are resonating well with the people's Community for Convergence Change.

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Source - Leonard Koni

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