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ZINARA diverts road fund from Mutare City Council to Government

by Fanuel Chinowaita
19 Apr 2021 at 08:05hrs | Views
Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) diverted road fund which was supposed to go to Mutare City Council and gave it to the Government Road department.

This was after an order fom Zanu pf members who wanted to take control of road maintenance and campaign for the oncoming by elections.

According to Councillor John Nyamhoka who was recalled by MDC T Douglas Mwonzora's Party said the move is just to discredit MDC led Council and mislead electorate that Zanu intervened after MDC failed.

"ZINARA should give money to the Council to maintain Hob house commuter routes and Magada road.
When I did a follow-up I heard that Council will not maintain the road for the money was given to Government Road department.

"This move is just to give an impression that MDC ran council had fail the electorate so the Zanu pf government has finally intervened.

"The money which ZINARA gave to the government is on our 2020 budget. The money was supposed to come in 2020 and the roads were also supposed to be maintained in 2020.

"Now I can see that the delay was calculated, now the government seems as if is so concerned yet it is the one which failed until our roads reached this state.

"Last week all Zupco buses were withdrawn from entering Hobhouse because the road is bad, all they are trying to improve is that the Council has failed so that there will be bad blood between residents and council", said Nyamhoka.

More so, Mutare City Engineer Keitb confirmed that the government has taken over the maintance of roads which were supposed to be maintained by the City Council after ZINARA failed to give the City Council money and gave it to the Government.

"Government has taken over the maintenance of the road, for moreinformation you can get in touch with Engineer Zindoga from the Government", said City Council Road Engineer.

However, Engineer Zindoga and Seenza Edgar were not cooperative when we tried to here from their side.

Meanwhile, the road department has started maintaining Magamba and Hob house roads.

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita