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Kariba taps run dry whilst the ZETDC Network Development Engineer runs Whatsapp groups

by MuHwisiry ChaiyeChaiye
08 Mar 2021 at 10:34hrs | Views
Kariba residents continue with dry taps when the lake continues to rise with sufficient and all the water that is required to supply even the nation. Municipality of Kariba recently bought new pumps for the betterment of water supply but is being foiled by the power cuts from the power utility. Notices have been flighted giving apologies to the residents with one common trait being no electricity. The quandary identified is the failure by the power utility ZETDC Kariba to fix the challenges as some residents compose hit songs called: "Power gone, Power back" becoming so popular with another dubbed; "Classic wind, Rain issue, Power gone".

Municipality of Kariba relies on the power supplied by ZETDC on all their pumping sites and there has not been any need to invest in any other source as Kariba is one of the few towns which are at the source of power and houses the hydro power generation plant. One notice by the Municipality of Kariba indicated that; ‘Mica point, Camphill, DA's Camp, Heights and supplement to Baobab would be affected due to power challenges'. Nyamhunga which is the biggest suburb has actually become exhausted of these power cuts and subsequently no water supply life. The residents could not spare the Municipality as they panic that Covid-19 hand-washing and sanitization procedures are no-longer possible, putting the residents in jeopardy. Kariba experienced positive Covid-19 cases and some deaths during the last phase and would not wish any more mishap.

Some residents sort to find out what the challenges were with ZETDC since the occurrences are intermittent on a weekly basis. One resident expressed that he misses CAPCO on the ZETDC whatsapp group and was chucked out by ZETDC Network Development Engineer Tichawona Chikuvira including another socialist who had expressed the deterioration of service by the power utility. It became interesting in that the Engineer could find time to remove people from a whatsapp group which should be managed by the local office for the local people instead of finding the solution to these impenitent challenges that has brought suffering in the resort town. Interestingly, Engineer Chikuvira may remove people from the whatsapp groups but realities of failure will haunt him all the way to the garden of remembrance. Kariba generally needs a reliable power supply as it is the place that feeds the nation with fresh fish above being the ultimate tourist destination. Temperatures are naturally high and these jokes by network managers indeed leave a lot to be desired especially in the second republic.

ZETDC has slowly become a laughing stock locally and a liability with the locals who have lost properties, gadgets and instruments due to power cuts and one can actually see that the head has become putrid by actions of Managers who resort to overseeing whatsapp groups. Currently the power line from Zvipani to Siakobvu has poles and wires down risking people's lives and bringing a loss to the infrastructure that was set. It is just an ignominy that people fail to run such government supported entities as the faults do not even necessitate any new equipment but just human earnestness. Kariba trended yesterday with the hashtags #bringbackElmon&John because they had spoken the truth about ZETDC service delivery. #ShameOnEngineersWhoRunWhatsappGroups.

It is that time where Municipality should never think twice about tapping into solar energy being the best alternative way to avoid the daily discomfiture, invective and molestation they get from the residents out of inconveniences beyond their control.

Source - MuHwisiry ChaiyeChaiye