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Clifford Chimusoro the modern African Robin Hood?

by Simbarashe Mwandipendaa
12 Feb 2021 at 08:56hrs | Views
Budiriro based Clifford Chimusoro is a "notorious" land baron who has allegedly managed to escape the noose of the law for the past seven years, this reporter has learnt.

Neighbours who have been interviewed by this reporter have shown awe and admiration to this heavily built middle-aged man who humbly started his criminal career when he brought a housing stand in Budiriro 4 known as Tabudirira.

They spoke after much persuasion from the journalist and narrated a hard to believe story on how Chimusoro started from rages to riches.

"My brother Clifford was always a criminal and everyone knows this from along time ago and how he has escaped prosecution is a mystery," said the source

"He started his criminal activities by illegally installing electricity to people and he seemed to have a connection with the ZESA guys because you could use electricity for 3 yrs without paying any bill he was a master at his craft and up to now when ZESA discovered our illegal connection we simply paid them to shut up my brother this is Harare."

"He graduated from being an illegal electricity installer to a well-known land baron and he is known for his kind donation to these areas and most people borrow a lot of money from him and he is known to pay huge amounts of money to the police for his freedom this has been the case for the past 7 yrs my brother," concluded the narrator and left in a hurry.

This reporter went on to see the place where some of his Cooperatives operate and noted that most people who were there had built makeshift shacks and farm bricks two-roomed houses and when the publication talked to the residents they did not want to say much about Chimusoro whom some believe is linked to a powerful politician (name withheld) finally an old woman who managed to disclose some few details of the life of Clifford Chimusoro she just merely mentioned that Clifford Chimusoro is her saviour as she had nowhere to stay in her rural home in murehwa when her sons abandoned her Clifford kindly brought her to Harare in Budiriro and managed to build her a farm brick one-roomed house on which she was told that she is only staying there temporarily (kubatira) when a customer comes she would be moved to another unknown place.

"I have never known Harare mzukuru since my husband died and Clifford brought me here I owe him so much for his gratitude," said the old woman who could barley speak.

Chimusoro could not be reached for comment.

Source - Simbarashe Mwandipendaa