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Ziyambi anxious to end marriage

by Staff reporter
30 Oct 2020 at 17:41hrs | Views
JUSTICE minister Ziyambi Ziyambi is seeking leave to serve divorce summons on his estranged wife, Florence, through the media, saying he cannot locate her at her Marlborough home or at work in Harare since August.

Ziyambi said he wanted to move on with his life after the relationship ended six years ago when the couple separated and also wants the High Court to authorise that the summons be served on a police officer who guards Florence's home.

The minister caused divorce summons to be issued against his estranged wife on August 28 and the sheriff attempted on six occasions to serve Florence, but to no avail.

"I have not been staying with the respondent for the past six years, hence my desire to have this marriage terminated as I need to move on with my life. Further, since the respondent is nowhere to be found, I wish to serve through substituted service," Ziyambi said.

He said the former deputy prosecutor-general was aware that summons must be served personally and was doing everything to frustrate the process.

"The respondent is aware that she has to be personally served with the divorce summons and would do anything to frustrate such personal service, that is why the police officers and her co-workers are not forthcoming on her current whereabouts," added Ziyambi.

"The sheriff attempted on six different occasions to effect personal service of the matrimonial summons on the respondent at her residential address and workplace, but the efforts were fruitless.

"Efforts to locate her have been in vain. I have even made enquiries with the police officers who man her residence and her co-workers, who have not been forthcoming with information regarding the respondent's current whereabouts."

In divorce papers filed with the High Court, the minister said their marriage had been reduced to a "shell" and there were no prospects of reconciliation.

The couple have two children Mutsawashe Carl, 26, and Chido Maureen, 20, who is still under her father's care and going to school.

"The relationship between the parties has irretrievably broken down to such an extent that there are no prospects of restoration of a normal marriage relationship. The parties have not lived together as husband and wife since sometime in 2014," reads the summons.

"Thus, the marriage is just a shell as they have not shared conjugal rights since then. The parties have developed diverging interests and have become incompatible and have lost love and affection for each other".

Ziyambi has proposed that each party retains immovable property registered in their names and wants their Westlea house awarded to their daughter Maureen.

He has vouched to continue funding his daughter's welfare until she graduates and becomes self-sufficient.

The listed properties are stand number 6421 Westlea and 21 Alderson Street, St Martins, Harare, registered in Ziyambi's name and number 2576 Bluffhill, Westgate, Harare in Florence's name.

"The parties acquired movable property during the subsistence of the marriage. It is just and equitable that upon divorce each party retains the movable property in his or her possession."

Source - dailynews