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Mkhaya's John Vul'gate challenge goes viral

by Staff reporter
19 Oct 2020 at 23:39hrs | Views
AUSTRIA-based imbube music exponent Vusa Mkhaya's version of the John Vul'gate challenge went viral over the weekend with the artiste releasing a song Ngiyabongamina to celebrate his birthday.

The John Vul'igate challenge came from an Amapiano track by Mapara A Jazz that has gripped Southern Africa.

Last Thursday Mkhaya released a 33-second clip of him singing an Imbube version of John Vul'gate challenge.

Comedian Q Dube took the video and shared it on social media app Tik Tock where the John Vul'gate challenge emanated from and that was when it went viral. So far it has nearly 3 000 likes on Tik Tok while on Twitter the video shared by Mkhaya has more than 17 000 views.

According to Mkhaya the song was shared numerous times and was even played on South Africa's Ukhozi FM, Zimbabwe's ZiFM Stereo and Skyz Metro FM.

The National Art Merit Award winning artiste said he did not expect his version to gain so much traction on social media.

"When I did this challenge, I had no idea it'll go so viral. I did a cover of Sikhosana's song Rasta some time ago for some fun as I do in the studio. Then I thought that with this challenge of John Vul'igate, people are dancing, let me give it an Imbube twist. I was doing this for my friends' family and Facebook fans.

"Q Dube took it and posted it on Tik Tok and 12 hours later, South African's on the app saw it and started dancing and singing to it. This is how it went viral. I wasn't expecting something like this," said Mkhaya.

He said he did the whole production alone.

"I recorded myself singing, tenor, bass, baritone, soprano and the lead voice. Then I mixed and mastered the whole track and blended everything together for people to get the final product," said Mkhaya.

He said as such, he has gained many followers on his social media pages.

Ironically, Mkhaya said, yesterday was his birthday and he had planned to release a new single Ngiyabongamina on the same day.

"Today is my birthday and I'm releasing my new single. This was planned months ago and the song going viral is a wonderful coincidence. The attention has become huge than I expected," said Mkhaya who is nominated for the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards.

Mkhaya said the track will remind people of Bulawayo of old.

"Something about this track will remind my generation of that old Bulawayo vibe when Christmas was iKhisimusi yamaqini and going to the Trade Fair was a family event until you were old enough for Luna Park with your boyfriend," said Mkhaya.

He said he was filled with gratitude and happiness when he thinks of his life's journey.

"It was not an easy one but I am still standing. My spirit is free and my heart is full. I come from a place where circumstances are not favourable for success to most people. I refused to be defined by those circumstances and I was lifted to a higher place," said Mkhaya.

He thanked God and his ancestors for guiding him from Bulawayo to the world.

Source - chronicle

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