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New dispensation used and dumped us: Zipra

by Stephen Jakes
03 Sep 2020 at 13:40hrs | Views
Zipra war veterans have complained that they were used by the new dispensation during the November 2017 military take over and later dumped.

They also accused the government of squandering an opportunity to unite citizens.

Zipra said it was involved in the planning and execution of removing former President Robert Mugabe and their aim was to see an all embracing government with all political parties included, but Zanu PF elites decided otherwise and sidelined all political parties including Zipra cadres.

Zipra spokesperson Buster Magwizi said Zimbabweans are supposed to enjoy peace and unity they had fought for but it's no longer the case.

"The reason we fought was that Zimbabweans should enjoy peace. We have just witnessed the defence forces day and the heroes' day but the hype which was supposed to be in these days has since dwindled," said Magwizi.

"It now seems we are no longer seen as heroes as we have been underplayed by others who probably never participated in the liberation struggle to deserve and demand that recognition, as a result this heroes day has gone poorer as we grow older and older."

Magwizi said they had been left out in government for too long.

"Look at it closely, our space has been invaded by some people who never participated in the liberation struggle and call themselves heroes of the liberation struggle and as a result they are watering down the importance of the heroes period and heroes themselves," said Magwizi.

"These people are now filling all government posts, infrastructure and all National security departments and yet they never participated in the liberation struggle. They never want to see Zipra alongside them because Zipra was a powerful force that sought to create freedom, peace and unity of which some of them did not want peace."

Magwizi said Heroes day should have been an important event where all liberation war fighters including Zipra and Zanla could have come together and taken time to show to the current administration that they are one as Zimbabwe freedom fighters.

He said as war veterans they are being separated and they no longer share values as freedom fighters.

"The 2017 movement compromised peace and security of the Nation because we were looking at a national transitional authority that could have existed from that period, all political parties coming on in a level field,  give ourselves as Zimbabweans time to campaign and do whatever we want until we agree that now we are one Nation," said Magwizi.

"In Zimbabwe, elections are entrenched to what we call authoritarianism and it grants you power because people have voted whether negatively or positively, whether rigged or not but because people have gone to vote and when you have grabbed power by whatever means you are the man of the match."

Magwizi said in 2017 force was used, Mugabe was removed and today these individuals are very armoured and no one can even point a single finger to them.

"The 2017 chance was a time to rebuild the Nation as one. Have you ever seen power being won through the court, you can only be judged and sentenced in the court" said Magwizi.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa got into power through the military assisted coup in 2017.

Source - Byo24News

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