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Zim youth most affected by outbreak of Covid-19

by Stephen Jakes
14 Aug 2020 at 07:31hrs | Views
The Zimbabwean youth are the most affected by the outbreak of coronavirus considering the high unemployment rate and implementation of lockdowns which have crippled their self-employment projects at length.

This was revealed by the International Coalition Against the Coronavirus (ICAC) Africa youth assembly Zimbabwean chapter as they joined the world to celebrate the international youth day.

They urged the African governments to desist from copying and pasting the Covid-19 fighting methods but revert to their own traditional herbs to fight the deadly pandemic which the medicines they know best.

ICAC Zimbabwe Chapter Youth chairperson Nicole Ngwenya said as they celebrated the international youth day, they felt it necessary for them to call upon the Zimbabwean government and all African governments to stop the copy and paste strategies of fighting the Covid 19 which proves to be useless.

"With the coping strategies we have not been able to curb the spread of the disease and the figures keep on increasing which proves that copying does not work, Ngwenya said.

"It was very important that Zimbabwe and other authorities in Africa take a cue from Madagascar and try to buy in the discovered medicine and develop it. We urged governments to find their own medicines or support Madagascar which has already shown that Africa can discover remedies on its own."

She encouraged African scientists to take a look at Russia and see if its discovered vaccine works and try to make their own.

She also urged the government to ease lockdown regulations amid concerns that they were straining the people's means of survival and also increasing the chances of people contracting the disease as they end up boarding crowded vehicles due to shortage of transport.

Ngwqenya also appealed to the government to scrap all debts owed by citizens on account of people not working due to lockdown as most of the citizens are self-employed due to unemployment in the country.

ICAC youth member Takunda Majuru said  Africa must not underrate its given traditional medicine which most of the citizens are well versed with. He said it is sad that Africans despise their own traditional medicine to adopt foreign originated medicine they are not well aware of its effects.

"Africa has its own herbs which its people have been using and surviving and must revert to them rather than adopting vaccines deployed from the west.

Ngwenya also urged the west and Europe to lift sanctions against Zimbabwe so as to enable the country to fight the Covid-19. She said the sanctions were having a very negative bearing in all the efforts being made to fight the deadly pandemic in the country.

Source - Byo24News