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Covid 19 deaths and infection figures sparks a lot of fear: ICAC

by Stephen Jakes
03 Aug 2020 at 11:49hrs | Views
A non-governmental organisation -  International Coalition Against Coronavirus (ICAC) South African Chapter leader Chanda Chose has said the inflated figures around the Coivid 19 deaths and infections are instilling a lot of fear and panic in the whole world with Africa becoming confused and adopting doubtful approaches to fight the pandemic.

"We got used to fear instead of courage by inflating the death and contamination figures in the case of Cobus-19. Putting the whole-world economy on the knees. Systematic and carried out by confinement, closing borders, businesses," he said.
"This will put all countries around the world to borrow from families who secretly rule this world with finance using paper. Let us ask ourselves the question where its 1% finds the paper money, against what?  Let us answer this question ourselves for an awakening of the conscience. Thus any country that borrows from its wild individuals, assassins will be subject to their order, hence the third plan, the vaccination of the world population to enslave them. 
"All vaccines are composed of toxic nanoparticles to reduce humanity to artificial intelligence. But, be careful, the moment we cry out no vaccination they will create the fourth plan," he said.
"The world is hungry, they will buy all the available stocks of food internationally at a low price and the money with which we will buy from them is the price of our life. Anyone who does not have his vaccination record will not have food. Hence, the prophecy of the Apocalypse of the sign 666. Then one: who among us can live for 6 days without eating? You who forgets that the wealth of nature created by God is less important than the money has a problem,and the peasants have been stripped since the independence of nations."
He said that after the independence of each country they inject chemicals to destroy humanity by what people consume. 
"Our farmland is destroyed with 80% of the natural components created by God. So how can a population that has a high demographic growth live on 20% of agricultural production, of which they still buy 95% of its 20% for the profit of the global crisis?" he said.
"So let us teach those around us the courage and determination to return to the world of our ancestors where there is no paper money. Because it is finance that shakes the civilizationist bases of this world. Let's eat natural and think natural for eternal freedom under the divine grace of the heavenly Father God."

Source - Byo24News