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Sanii Makhalima is set to break his silence

by Staff reporter
31 Jul 2020 at 07:34hrs | Views
VETERAN contemporary musician Lungisani 'Sanii' Makhalima is set to break his silence with the release of a new full album scheduled for September 4.

Makhalima told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that he had been focusing on other interests away from music. The musician said he only released albums when the time was convenient and made economic sense.

"The first aspect is the fact that it wasn't making business sense to release songs and people would say the brand is suffering, but it also depends on how you will handle it and the thing is we have to run music as a business and you can't run it like a charity where you don't have losses per se. So you really got to sit down and think what kind of business sense it's making," he said.

"Right now, it's making businesses sense and I release when money is involved, when I can make money from the music then I release more projects."

Makhalima said the forthcoming album, which he has been working on over the past few years, was meant to demonstrate what he called music.
"I need to remind people what real music sounds like and I need to remind them that real greatness doesn't fade. Greatness doesn't go away. I was given this gift by God and 1 I want to share it with fans," he said.

"I have been writing this album for quite some time and it's not something which was started immediately. The most biggest thing is I have been writing for a while. I have got so many songs that I have written, probably more than 40 or 50 songs that are waiting to be released or that just need final touches before they are released."

Makhalima said he gave his fans the responsibility to suggest the title for the album Broken Hearted.

"What motivated me to adopt this particular title is many people say Sanii writes songs when he gets a heart-break and things like that, so I just decided to pick the songs from a collection that I have written just to see which ones apply to the theme of being heart broken and that kind of thing. So the song is really centred on a broken heart, you have some soul songs, some really Afro-pop songs, upbeats songs, some soft-rockish like Kana Ndada," he said. Makhalima said the range of his new music also extend-ed to conscious and reggae genres.

"So it's an album for everyone to really enjoy, RnB, conscious, soft pop and its clearly trying to show my ability to touch on different genres and to show that I am still versatile and unique in my own sound that's where the motivation came from, so the name of the album came from the fans where they were busy proposing names and saying the person who is dating Sanii should break up with him so that he writes songs for us," he said.

The musician said during his four-year hiatus, he was focusing on his family and other personal issues.

"The last complete album I did was a manuscript, which I gave for free. Over the years, I did a bunch of singles and the major reason was I needed more time to focus on my personal growth. I also needed to focus on my children and family. So I decided to take a small break and that's the reason why I was quiet in terms of releasing an album," he said. Makhalima boasts various collaborations and promised an exhilarating and electrifying album.

"I have a few collaborations on this and half the songs I have collaborations with other artistes and of the 10 songs, five of them are collaborations. I have roped in some guys and I will disclose them when I release the album, but one of them Julius King, based in Dallas, the United States, is on two songs and I'm excited with the project," he said.

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