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Ex-ZPRA Forces: The power behind Mnangagwa's Presidency

by Mandla Ndlovu
27 Jul 2020 at 14:25hrs | Views
Serving members of the Zimbabwe National Army who are former soldiers of the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army are the force that sustains President Emmerson Mnangagwa's power, it ahs emerged.

The revelations were made by Professor Jonathan Moyo and Academic Dr Ibbo Mandaza during a Twitter conversation over the weekend.

The dialogue was started by Moyo who commented on a thread by former Cabinet Minister Walter Mzembi who had alleged that Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga did not want the late President Robert Mugabe to be removed from office.

Said Moyo, "Your thread @waltermzembi sheds huge light. In #EXCELGATE I show that Chiwenga was against the Army's ouster of Mugabe but was pushed by Mnangagwa and exZPRA Mberengwa. I hope @MilesTendi, @STinhu, @zenzele, @ibbosnr, @DumisaniMuleya, @TamukaKagoro77, @SiphoMalunga will follow up!"

South Africa based human rights activist Brian Tamuka Kagoro responded, "Let's be honest to ourselves about what happened in November 2017. Those that planned the Coup had deep tentacles within business, churches, civil society, media, defence forces and the opposition . Most people knew what was going on and did not really care."

Mandaza came in to clarify who the ZPRA forces are and the role they continue to play in the current political administration.

"Yes, the conversation is work in progress: the tweets from Mzembi on the coup, the reference to Excelgate on the coup, Kagoro's observations on the same, and my rhetorical question about the former ZIPRA/Mberengwa axis (as the key coup plotters) and relationship to ED." Mandaza said. "And likewise with elements in the South African State, not forgetting the British, through their Ambassador in Harare at the time. And what about the central role, to this day, of the former ZIPRA/ Mberengwa axis and its familial/ clan relationship with ED?

"PV Sibanda, Moyos and Associates - those of them at the helm, before, during and after the November 2017 coup; and today constitute the power behind the ED throne, as the Joint Operations Command - JOC!"

During the violent January 2019 mass protests Mnangagwa was reportedly facing a rebellion from Zanu PF MPs and General  Chiwenga, with claims that a plot was afoot to oust him. The plotters were reported to have had  the backing of party heavyweights like Patrick Chinamasa, Obert Mpofu and Oppah Muchinguri.

However, Terence Mukupe, a former Zanu PF MP and Mnangagwa ally took to Twitter and posted a cryptic message saying, "Thank you ZIPRA cadres for your words of comfort and continued support."

Source - Byo24News

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