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Zanu-PF UK member condemns planned demos

by Staff reporter
24 Jul 2020 at 07:42hrs | Views
UNITED Kingdom-based Zimbabwe businessman and Zanu-PF UK Youth League member, Kudzai Makuku has taken a swipe at the planned July 31 demonstration saying the move is bent on creating anarchy in the country.

The ruling revolutionary party, Zanu-PF and veterans of Zimbabwe's liberation struggle have warned opposition parties that are working in connivance with some Western embassies to subvert the will of the people through illegal demonstrations that any such attempts will be met with equal force.

Speaking from his UK base yesterday, Makuku said the planned demo was barbaric as it was meant to destabilise the country and topple a constitutionally elected Government. He said malcontents that plot to subvert democracies could never be tolerated by any government the world over.

"The planned demonstrations are true testimony and reflection that these charlatans do not care about Zimbabweans.

"One is left to wonder if organisers of the envisaged mass protest have any senses left or they are just yes sir or madam servants to their masters.

"I also suspect that these organisers want people to gather so that the masses could be infected with Covid-19. I really don't understand how a level headed Zimbabwean could plan a demonstration at such a dire time for the country as Covid-19 numbers are rising every day," he said.

"Whilst the citizens have a right to express their views and for the Government to hear their voices, no country or leadership would tolerate this being done in a manner that is destructive, negatively impacting on the citizens and worsening their situation in any shape or form," he said.

Makuku said he disagreed with timing of the planned demonstration which is coming in the midst of the country fighting the pandemic.

"Political and civil rights leaders should at this time focus on fighting Covid-19 to protect citizens."

Makuku said he did not see the urgent need for demonstration on July 31. He said most Diasporans are now supporting Zanu-PF because they had realised that MDC-Alliance is self-centred.

"The MDC survives by making Zimbabweans suffer as that's what makes them relevant. The MDC with its so-called activists suffer from self-hate. I always wonder why they always tag EU and American embassies and fail to even tag one African embassy?

"Do they think Africans are not good enough. hese puppets are the biggest threat to our hard-earned independence. You can see with the constant reporting to their masters," said Masuku

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