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Sikhala waiting for a signal from Chamisa

by Staff reporter
06 Jul 2020 at 18:00hrs | Views
COMBATIVE MDC Alliance vice-chairperson, Job "Wiwa" Sikhala, has once again warned that the country is on the edge - adding that frustrated Zimbabweans could soon rise against the government.

In a statement at the weekend, Sikhala said Zimbabweans had had enough of their suffering, and were now waiting for a signal from the country's political leadership to hold mass protests.

"The video by this nurse (protesting nurse) is a reflection of the true situation that our country has reached. There is no better description other than to say that the country has gone to the dogs. This is the sign of what is to come. One day is one day.

"The comfort zones for these people (in government) will soon be a bonfire. People are ready. They are just waiting for leadership," Sikhala said.

"This time, the wave will be unstoppable. I don't make empty threats. I am not that character. I am a practical man. We deserve our peace and happiness," he added.

The firebrand lawyer-cum-politician also reiterated that he had been placed on "round-the-clock surveillance" by fearful authorities, but would not be deterred in participating in demonstrations.

"Let me be unequivocal. I will not tolerate any persecution of my person anymore … I have mobilised the people to trigger a revolution in the event that they carry out their threats against me.

"I will never be persecuted because of my resolute stance against this evil regime. My Masvingo treason trial will be a picnic.
"People governing our country should take responsibility for their failures. Trying to use other people as scapegoats is dangerous to their (the government's) very survival," Sikhala said further.

Source - dailynews