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'Zanu-PF not political party but army appendage'

by newzimbabwe
29 Jun 2020 at 07:24hrs | Views
EXILED former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo says Zanu-PF has ceased to exist as a political party but was now an appendage of the military.

He was sharing his thoughts on Twitter.

Moyo, once a critic of the party, joined Zanu-PF 2000 and was immediately elevated to information minister by then President Robert Mugabe.

"I did not have this view before 2000, but since then I have come to understand that Zanu-PF is a system or culture steeped in the military, with a tainted history, a troubled present with no future," Moyo said.

Nearly two decades after joining Zanu-PF, Moyo would find himself toiling to yank the party from the hegemonic control of war veterans under the G40 faction but this upset the military which initiated a coup against Mugabe 2017.

Moyo has all but admitted the feat was always going to be difficult as the party was not a political entity in its traditional sense but an appendage of the military.

He is adamant the party that has ruled the country since independence in 1980 must go.

"The fact that Zanu-PF is not, and I would say has never been a political party, in the traditional sense of the term, has far reaching implications on why it must go.

"The Zanu-PF system or culture has disintegrated and hegemonically. What remains is its caricature," he said.

Moyo added, "The crisis in Zimbabwe is from the fact that while Zanu-PF has physically and hegemonically collapsed, the military which was embedded in Zanu-PF since 1975 Mgagao Declaration, staged a coup in 2017 to seize Zanu-PF thinking it was going concern when it was debris.

"As shown below from the military's coup minutes written on the 15 and 16 Nov 2017, out of the 7 coup demands made by General Chiwenga to President Mugabe 6 were about Zanu-PF and the 7th was tenure interest of the commanders.

"Nothing for the military, government or the people."

He continued, "The five effects of Zanu-PF takeover by military necessitate Zanu-PF to go and also confirm it's gone but remains a caricature."

"Zanu-PF is no longer viable to ex-Zanla commanders, is not an option for ex-Zanla now in charge of ZDF and was rejected by voters in the 2018 polls.

"What is to be done? The people and the military must find each other. The people embraced the military in Nov 2017. Now the military should make amends and embrace the people by respecting their 2018 vote for @nelsonchamisa."

"It's the people who must govern, not the military."

Source - newzimbabwe