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MLF leader laid to rest

by A Sibanda
27 May 2020 at 20:13hrs | Views
The remains of Mr. David Magagula who passed away on 18 May 2020 in Johannesburg(RSA) arrived at his home in Mthwakazi early this morning with his coffin, draped in MLF Mthwakazi flag as per the declaration that he is an Mthwakazi Hero. He was received with sobs at his rural home. The recipients were pained to receive the body of an Mthwakazi hero who died in line of duty and at a time when the nation at large needed him most.

The burial took place today at around 10:50h with a few people to send him off due to corona scare. Many people would had loved to attend his burial but failed because of the covid 19 pandemic that is sweeping across the globe without any mess. Magagula will always be remembered as a gallant fighter for Mthwakazi independence and justice for those who were massacred by the ZANU PF regime just for being non Shona.

He  stood tall and fearless pushing the plight of Mthwakazi nation to the regional and international platform. He will also be remembered for his books which he authored to ensure the continued existence of our language, culture, history, ethics and practices. He  left Mthwakazi children a legacy which they must cherish forever while they live.

As MLF, we say may his soul rest in peace in assurance that the MLF shall make sure that the ideals, values and beliefs he stood for will be achieved. To the family, we mourn with you and assure you that his departure shall not be in vain. We owe it to him and to the nation at large.

Source - A Sibanda