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ZR police teargas imbibers in Karoi bottle store

by Naume Muza
26 May 2020 at 09:35hrs | Views
KAROI - Members of Zimbabwe Republic Police deployed to monitor Covid-19 regulations violations had throw tear gas to force out imbibers who sought sanctuary in a bottle store at the weekend.

They charged at least 16 suspects for violating Covid 19 regulations.

According to some Karoi residents in Chiedza residential area, some drunkards who could not buy beer to drink at home as required under Covid 19 regulations were caught unawareness after they had persuaded the barman to lock them inside the bottle store that used to operate as a night club before the Covid 19 lockdown regulations.

The Government decree that came into effect in March bars operations of bottle stores and nightclubs through out the country in a bid aimed at minimising infection of Covid virus.

One of our sources revealed that they were forced to come out after tear gas canisters were thrown into the building.

He added, "The imbibers said they could not buy beer and go to their homesteads as required by the law but convinced the barman to lock them in the bottle store. They have been enjoying this for too long until Saturday late afternoon when the police pounced on them. They asked the barman to open but he took his time."

It was after some time that police officers used some teargas canisters in the bottle store and they were hit hard.

In drunken stupor the victims were netted as they could not put off the charging canisters smoke that saw them coming out in tears and force-marched into a Zimbabwe Republic Police Ford ranger that was packed outside.

The drunkards who were easy prey and were netted, had to pay RTGS$200 fine each at Karoi police charge office.

One of the victims identified as Rodrick confirmed the incident saying they were caught off guard.

"It is true that we were netted after police threw two tear gas canisters inside Kutepa bar where we were enjoying ourselves. At least 16 of us were arrested and we had to pay admission of guilty for violating Covid regulations. It was a tough move as we were all in tears after the raid," he narrated.

There was no official comment as local police referred this publication to provincial police spokesperson Inspector Ian Kohwera who said he was out of office at the time of writing.

Source - Naume Muza