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Bulawayo police kill city man...laugh at his girlfriend

by Mandla Ndlovu
24 May 2020 at 15:26hrs | Views
Members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police in Bulawayo are reported to have killed Paul Munakopa, a thirty-four-year-old man who was driving with his fiancé at Hillside suburb.

The woman ,Tracy Mufudzi, narrated the ordeal to a local publication CITE that they had met earlier in the day and had gone together to Burnside suburb to view a house which they were planning to rent.

"We went to my place and parked outside the gate. We were so excited about moving in together and starting our own home. He said the house was a bit old and would need some renovations. He then suggested that we go to Malindela suburb where he would show me a house he once revamped while he was still staying there," she was quoted saying. "We then went to Malindela suburb and parked by near the house and talked for about 20 minutes and as we drove off, a white car appeared from nowhere.

"Munakopa reversed his car and we drove off. When we got to Cecil Avenue we spotted the car following us. They caught up with us at Hillside Teachers College and blocked our way. This car had no siren or anything on it and we were just puzzled as to whom it was. We reversed and turned into Cathness Avenue.

"We were now panicking because we couldn't even see who these people were nor did we know what they wanted. He tried to reverse again. At the time when he started to drive off we heard four gunshots. He was hit on his hands, the car lost control and fell into a trench on the side of the road," she said.

Mudzi told CITE that the white car had two white men, who were wearing camouflage caps and had bandanas tied to their faces.

Sources that spoke to this reporter suggested that the two men were members of the local neighborhood committee.  The men are reported to have phoned the police during the chase citing that then strange car had parked at a suspicious area for long time and its occupants fled when they tried to block them and interview them. The police are said to have responded swiftly under the impression they were going to intercept dangerous criminals.

Mafudze said the two white men worked with police and assisted in calling an ambulance which took them to UBH.

"The man then called for an ambulance, more police officers came to the scene. I asked them why they didn't fire warning shots, the cops said they fired at us because we did not stop. At UBH they said I should have been accompanied by a police officer who would explain what had transpired. They said he had lost a lot of blood because the bullets had hit several atteries. They said they'd only give him painkillers and operate on him the following day. Around 4 AM I got a message that he had passed on," she said. "When I got there I was ushered into a room where we found one of the officers who shot at us. He looked at me and laughed. I ran out of the room crying. They then started recording my statement as a witness to the case. I told them that I wanted to open a case too against the police but they told me that I was not allowed to do so."

Source - Byo24News/CITE