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'Even Jesus went on lockdown'

by Staff reporter
12 Apr 2020 at 15:17hrs | Views
GOSPEL music star and pastor, Charles Charamba, said social distancing which the government is enforcing as a way to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) is not a new phenomenon as in biblical scriptures Jesus would be forced by situations to distance himself.

Charamba said the call made by the president to stop mass gatherings is commendable.

"In dealing with the devilish character of the Pharisees and elders of the Jewish law, Jesus always made sure He took Himself out to the mountains, fields or gentile countryside like Sidon.

"It was a way of dealing with or avoiding contaminated mind-sets. All I am saying is Jesus used to create distance in certain times," said the gospel singer who also leads Rooted in Christ Ministries.

The singer said Jesus talks about diseases and pestilences among wars, rumours of wars, earthquakes and other ills. "In Mathew 24:8, He says these shall all be the beginning of sorrow. This doesn't matter if the diseases are a man-made invention or natural phenomena, they remain diseases.

"Whatever the case is in relation to the current health challenges, everything is pointing towards end time, particularly the rapture whose date no man or angel can tell as foretold in Mark 13:32."

Just like several entertainers, Charamba and wife Olivia had their schedule affected by the current health crisis which has ravaged the world.

The first family of gospel music had their shows planned for neighbouring South Africa shelved as were their Easter holiday events.

"The fact that musicians rely more on live performances has made it impossible for them to earn money during the lockdown period. We had been scheduled to feature in South Africa on March 30 but it's been shelved.

"Locally we intended to do some musicals interwoven with Easter programmes and like everyone else, we have put everything aside. I personally thank God who hinted to us of the obtaining situation, hence we didn't publicise the events ahead of time," he added.

He believes that as much as the current lockdown is an inconvenience it is a necessary and plausible move.

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