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Zim could have provided social safety to citizens - ZimFirst leader

by Stephen Jakes
30 Mar 2020 at 15:42hrs | Views
ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shuba has said the country could have provided social safety to citizens during the period they face challenges economically, health and social.

"Over the course of the past 40 years Zimbabwe has slid from an African Breadbasket to an extremely poor and a Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HIPC). We have consistently advocated the Zanu PF Government to swallow its pride and officially declare Zimbabwe a HIPC to qualify for IMF debt relief so that it can focus resources to developing the country and its people," Shumba said.

"Today a debt forgiven Zimbabwe could have provided its citizens with a social safety net in the form of financial relief during the lock down. These are dire times, in particular when people are asked to chose between survival from COVID-19 or from starvation staying at home with no income or food."

He said this is an untenable situation and Zimbabwe has a broke and pauperized government run by ultra rich , heartless and modestly bankrupt moribund political animals who oversee an impoverished citizenry.

"Today, the same political moribund political elite from the comfort of their riches and 28 bedrooms houses are asking impoverished people to stay at home with absolute no support whatsoever. Can the people afford to stay at home? It is a choice between staying at home and starve to death or go out and die from COVID-19. Cruelty at its worst. This a condemnation of an entire generation. What do I propose the government do," Shumba said.

"Set up a COVID-19 CITIZEN Stimulus Fund (CSF) to give each Zimbabwean family  at least $200 to buy food and basics during the stay at home period
2. Convene Parliament to pass and launch a national COVID-19 Go Fund for the citizen stimulus fund. The few corporations remaining in Zimbabwe can be roped in, recover the looted money from Zanu PF and Opposition chefs."

Galvanize Zimbabwe citizens across the globe to support this number fund that will alleviate the pain from fellow citizens (I am willing to contribute if the Go Fund-me is launched for CSF and run professionally and transparently."

Shumba said let the COVID-19 Task Force I requested  in my previous post run the fund headed by a Fund Czar who has clean and untainted hands so he run the campaign across the social and political divide.

"Zimbabweans, I reiterate,  need a safety net and this is the time for those who have looted from the people to seek moral redemption by funneling the loot back to society. People will forgive. Hopefully they will have a heart for that," he said.

"To Zimbabweans in general this is the time we should come together and act as a nation and confront the COVID-19 threat as a nation.  It is well documented that we have been beaten by this regime and we have felt the pain but this is not time to dwell on it."

He said people  must put aside their political differences and harness all the energy, resources and goodwill that they can muster for the benefit of  the nation.

"Sometimes it takes dire situations like this for us to discover each other for the common good and the future of the country. Yes, it is about time to shed off our fear, and confront our challenges with vigor," he said.

Source - Byo24News