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COVID-19: The exodus will spread the disease - APA

by Stephen Jakes
30 Mar 2020 at 12:37hrs | Views
Alliance for People's Agenda (APA) has expressed fears that the exodus of the urban people tyo rural areas ahead of the lockdown will spread the Covid 19 in rural areas.

In a statement posted on social media APA said, "We all mean well, and act in our usual normal ways to navigate the next 21 days. But these are highly unusual times. Normal is not good enough.The implications of our individual actions is to nullify the international recommendation and effectiveness of social distancing. Some will definitely pay a huge price for disregard of this professional advice."

APA said the virus isn't a living bug. It is like a seed of a very invasive weed.

"It cannot move on its own. No other animals apart from humans are responsible for moving it around more than humans. Left alone without implantation in the human body, the preferred field conditions for the virus 'weed' it loses its potency in a matter of minutes. When we move it from person to person, we are moving the ''seed' from field to field. When it starts reproducing in our bodies it does so extremely fast, using the body (field) cells (field crops) to sustain itself, produce more viral seed and stealing nutrients from our bodies (field), making them unavailable to our sick body cells (field crops)" APA said.

"It's a parasitic weed which destroys the body and leaves it completely barren, and dead. The exodus to rural homes yesterday and the last minute mass shopping are just what the virus needs to invade as many fields as possible in the shortest possible time."

The party said there's also talk of large numbers of Zimbabweans running away from South Africa for the safety of home.

"These are tragic errors. Zimbabwe is the country with the least amount of preparedness for this virus in the region. The seeds will be germinating soon. One hopes the spread isn't as bad as it could be under the circumstances. Let us remember that as you run to rural areas you probably have the most up-to-date information about COVID-19. Please do remember to social distance and practice meticulous hand hygiene. The excitement of family reunions, and the usual celebrating, often brings whole communities together. The seed keeps spreading. Stop the cycle," the party said.

"Treat everyone like a biblical leprosy patient. Keep on socially distancing. At this point, everyone but you is a leper. Remember our ability to stay apart is the most effective tool to stop the virus from spreading."

Source - Byo24News